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01 January 2011, Volume 38 Issue 1
The Effect of Oral Administration of Formalin on the Digestion and Metabolism of Small Tail Han Ewes Fed with Roughage Diet
Gulinisha;LUO Qiu-jiang;YANG Kai-lun;YU Jing;PAN Rong
2011, 38(1):  5-12. 
Abstract ( 1562 )  
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6 of Small Tail Han ewes, fitted with permanent duodenum and ileum canula, with the body weight of 55 kg were orally administered with formalin at the dose of 0(control period) and 0.9 mL/kg ration (experimental period) in the condition of feeding the roughage diet. The collection of the chyme of duodenum and ileum and the experiment of digestion and metabolism were done, to study the effect of oral administration of formalin on the digestion and metabolism of sheep. The results showed that the oral administration of formalin in sheep increased the voluntary intake by 13.0%(P<0.01);increased the digested OM and cellulose in fore stomach by 21.9%(P<0.01)and 29.7%(P<0.01)respectively; increased the OM, crude protein, microbe protein, by-pass protein, total amino acid and lysine arrived at small intestine by 5.2%(P<0.01),21.5%(P<0.01),13.2%(P<0.05),29.4%(P<0.05),18.0%(P<0.05)and 21.8%(P<0.05) respectively; increased the OM, crude protein, total amino acid and lysine absorbed by small intestine by 52.1%(P<0.01),34.7%(P<0.01),34.5%(P<0.05) and 32.8%(P>0.05) respectively;increased the apparent digestibility of the DM, OM, crude protein and cellulose of diet by 9.2%(P<0.05),9.2%(P<0.05),4.6%(P<0.05) and 5.8%(P<0.05) respectively;increased the retention of the nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus by 28.3%(P<0.01),30.8%(P<0.01) and 9.5%(P<0.05) respectively. It is concluded that the oral administration of formalin of sheep fed with roughage diet increases the digestive ability of rumen, the intake, and the small intestine-absorbed nutrients, especially the amino acids, therefore modifies the nutritional status of sheep.
The Effect of Reduceing Protein on Raccoon Dogs Performance and Pelt Properties in the Winter Fur Growth Period
LIU Han-lu;LI Dan-li;LI Guang-yu;LIU Feng-hua;SUN Wei-li;ZHONG Wei
2011, 38(1):  13-17. 
Abstract ( 1680 )  
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The study investigated the effect of reducing the protein level in growth period on performance of raccoon dogs. Thirty-four male raccoon dogs with similar body weights, healthy, were assigned to one of two dietary treatments of 17 each, according to the protein level divided into 2 treatments, the control (conventional rations, protein, 25.62%), the low protein group ( Met,0.15%, protein, 19.49%), experimental period was 60 d. As a result, the body weight (P=0.003) and dry matter intake(P =0.010) in the control increased significantly the treatment group. The crude protein digestibility (P =0.812), crude fat digestibility (P =0.856) in the control was similar with the low protein group. The dry matter digestibility (P=0.002), the total protein in the serum (P =0.047) was increased significantly in the low protein group. There was a increasing trend of the daily gain (P =0.059),sulfur amino acid as methionine (P =0.830) and cystine (P =0.420), but the variance was not predominant. The pelt length (P =0.013), pelt weight (P=0.001), the length of guard hair (P =0.012), the density of guard and under hair (P =0.037) were increased evidently in the control. The reduced protein level in diets of raccoon dogs in winter period, can enhance animals production performance such as dry matter digestibility and the total protein in the serum, but it also brings the unreversible disadvantage influence on dry matter intake, body weight, pelt properties.
Effects of Sugar Beet Pulp Substituted for Ground Corn on the Performance and Blood Metabolite of Dairy Cows
WANG Meng;;WANG Jia-qi;ZHANG Jun-yu;;BU Deng-pan;SUN Peng;ZHOU Ling-yun;LUO Qiu-jiang
2011, 38(1):  18-22. 
Abstract ( 1332 )  
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The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of sugar beet pulp (SBP) substituted for ground corn on the performance and nutritional status as measured using blood metabolites as an energy source feed-stuff for Chinese Holstein lactating dairy cows. Sixty multifarious Holstein cows(61±21.6 DIM, 31.2 kg/d±6.2 kg/d) were randomly divided into two pens and within each pen where three groups (control,20SBP or 40SBP) and each group comprised of 10 cows (n=10).Besides SBP and corn, The remainder of the ration was the same for all groups. The results showed that dry matter intake, milk production,energy corrected milk (ECM) were not effected by increasing SBP substitution(P>0.05). The content and yields of milk protein, milk fat, milk lactose, total solids (TS) and solid non-fat (SNF) were unaffected by substituting SBP for ground corn (P>0.05).As the SBP level increased, the content of milk composition was a rising tendency. In blood metabolite, the concentrations of blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum glucose decreased when SBP was added(P<0.01).No significant difference in NEFA,BHBA, TG,LDLD,HDLD,TP,ALB,GLB,CHOL of the blood among the treatment groups in this experiment was detected. The results indicated that the performance and blood metabolite were unaffected by substituting SBP for ground corn, sugar beet pulp was equal to corn as an energy source, and decreased the cost.
nvestigation about Appropriate Proteins of Total Mixed Rations on Young Male Sika Cavles over Winter
WANG Xin ;LI Guang-yu;CUI Xue-zhe;BAO Kun;NING Hao-ran
2011, 38(1):  23-25. 
Abstract ( 1343 )  
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Eighteen young male sika deer were randomly allocated into 4 groups and fed 4 different diets with protein levels being 8.71%, 11.88%, 15.66% and 17.95%, respectively. The results of feeding trials showed that the optimum protein level in sika deer diet during the winter was 15.66% in concentrate.
Effect Cecropin on Reproductive Performance of Sows
LI Bo;;YANG Li;YI Xue-wu;QIAO Shi-yan
2011, 38(1):  26-28. 
Abstract ( 1447 )  
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Eighteen young male sika deer were randomly allocated into 4 groups and fed 4 different diets with protein levels being 8.71%, 11.88%, 15.66% and 17.95%, respectively. The results of feeding trials showed that the optimum protein level in sika deer diet during the winter was 15.66% in concentrate.
Selection of Lactic Acid Bacteria(LAB) from Previously Fermented Juice and Alfalfa Silage and its Character
ZHAO Yun-jun;LI Xue-sen;DONG Zhi-guo;AN Deng-di
2011, 38(1):  29-32. 
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Alfalfa is difficult to ensile, while silage inoculants could improving alfalfa silage quality.This article mainly aims at screening silage inoculant Lactic Acid Bacteria that could quickly debase and stabilize pH value and producing more lactic acid.A continuous restricted cultivation was carried on until three kinds of Lactic Acid Bacteria had been selected from previously fermented juice and three kinds of Lactic Acid Bacteria had been selected from alfalfa silage. These six kinds of Lactic Acid Bacteria could cause the mediums’ pH value debase to around 3.2 in 72 hours and emitted sugary fragrance when they were cultured in MRS.
Screening of Protease and Cellulose Producing Bacillus Subtilis Natto Strains and their Biological Characteristics
XI Xiao-qi;;WANG Jia-qi;BU Deng-pan;SUN yan;ZHOU ling-yun;WEI Hong-yang
2011, 38(1):  36-38. 
Abstract ( 1744 )  
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Using casein plate and carboxymethylcellulose sodium(CMC-Na) plate screening method, ten protease activity producing Bacillus Subtilis Natto strains(NY-1 to NY-10) and ten cellulose producing Bacillus Subtilis Natto strains(NS-1 to NS-10) were screened from Beijing, Dalian and Japanese Natto. NY-1 and NS-1 were selected from the examined strains for their highest protease activity and highest cellulose activity, respectively. NY-1 and NS-1 were studied with respect to their biological characteristics, including growth curves, sporulation curve, dynamic changes of enzyme activity and passage stability. The experimental results demonstrated that for strain NY-1 the best culture time was 16 h, the maximum logarithm of spores were (6.92±0.047) at 28 h, the maximum protease activity was (44.12±1.48) U/mL at 18 h ;for strain NS-1 the best culture time was 14 h, the maximum logarithm of spores was (8.41±0.0060) at 28 h, the maximum cellulose activity was (60.94±1.22) U/mL at 40 h. Protease activity of NY-1 and cellulose activity of NS-1 will keep a good passage stability within seven generations.
Effect of Raw Soybean on Oxygen Free Radical Level of Digestive Tract and Pancreas in Mice
GU Chun-mei;;SHI Yong-hui;LE Guo-wei
2011, 38(1):  39-41. 
Abstract ( 1283 )  
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To study the effects of raw soybean on oxygen free radical level of digestive tract and pancreas in mice, thirty male C57BL/6J mice were randomly divided into control, raw soybean(RS) and cysteamine groups(CS). Each group was fed for 2 weeks, then duodenum, liver, pancreas samples were collected to examine the oxidative and antioxidative capability. The results showed that compared with control mice, MDA content and iNOS activity in duodenum, liver and pancreas of mice fed raw soybean were significantly increased, but levels of SOD, GSH and so on were significantly decreased. Imbalance state of oxidant and antioxidant was improved by cysteamine. These data demonstrated that raw soybean diet could significantly increase oxygen free radical level of digestive tract and pancreas in mice, and induce oxidative stress.
Development of Mannose-binding Lectin-associated Serine Protease 1
ZHANG Hai-yan;;WANG Chang-fa;ZHONG Ji-feng;YANG Gui-wen;AN Li-guo
2011, 38(1):  42-46. 
Abstract ( 1320 )  
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The mannose-binding lectin pathway is an important pathway of complement activation. In the absence of specific immune responses in vivo or before immune response occurs in body the lectin complement pathway may play a major role in the defense. Mannose-binding lectin-associated serine protease-1 (MASP-1) is an central protease of the complement lectin pathway.Mannose-binding Lectin (MBL) or ficolin can form compound with Mannose-binding lectin-associated serine protease (MASPs) through its CLR.After its CRD domain recognize and binding to sugars presented on pathogens, MBL or ficolin can activity the zymogens of MASPs,then activate the complement cascade via lectin pathway to play the function of anti-infection by innate immunity.
Cows Mycobacterium tuberculosis rpoB and katG Gene Mutations Associated with Multi-drug Resistance
ZHAO Li;NA Wei;ZHOU Xue-zhang;WANG Yu-jiong
2011, 38(1):  47-50. 
Abstract ( 1371 )  
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The study of cows Mycobacterium tuberculosis rpoB and katG gene mutations and the relation between drug resistance. Take 30 strains of clinical isolates of M.tuberculosis from cattle, use of phage amplified biologically assay on the drug sensitivity of Rifampicin and isoniazid, polymerase chain reaction-DNA direct sequencing rpoB and katG gene were amplified and sequenced, analysis of rpoB and katG gene mutations and drug resistance associate. The results showed that 15 resistant strains in four were resistant to RFP, three of them found mutations at condon 531 occurred in 75.00%(3/4); 9 single INH-resistant strains of seven mutations,6 isolates mutation at condon 315 occurred in 85.71%(6/7), 1 isolate mutation at condon 463 occurred in 14.29%(1/7); 2 isolates were resistant to RFP and INH, sequencing showed that two were both mutations at condon 531 in the rpoB gene and condon 315 in the katG gene. All strains were not found the deletion of rpoB and katG gene. The main mechanism of RFP and INH drug resistance is mutations at condon 531 in the rpoB gene and condon 315 in the katG gene; while detection of bovine tuberculosis RFP-resistance, it can be initial screening MDR M.tuberculosis.
Effect of Heat Stress on Broilers and Research Progress of HSP70
WANG Dan;ZHONG Qing-zhen;SUN Ze-wei;LOU Yu-jie
2011, 38(1):  51-53. 
Abstract ( 1398 )  
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In modern livestock production,heat stress has become the one of the important factors,restricted the broilers growth, metabolism, meat quality and physiological functions,for breeding brought serious economic damage. Heat stress proteins (HSPs) is a group of specific proteins that produce under adverse factors,and HSP70 is one of the most conservative and the most important members of the family.It has may perform a series of biological function,such as molecular chaperone,enhancing tolerance and antioxidant injury and so on. It can make the body quickly adapt to the environment changes and in the heat stress it play an important roal. This paper introduced the effect of heat stress on broilers, the biological characteristics and the heat stress mechanism of HSP70, in order to provide theory basis functions for exploring anti-stress mechanism of HSP70 from medicines level.
The Research Progress of Physiologic Function of Prion Protein
TAN Rong-rong;LIU Ai-lin;ZHAO De-ming
2011, 38(1):  54-57. 
Abstract ( 1309 )  
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Prion protein(PrPC)has received great attention as the major associated pathogenic agent, although a great deal has been known about the role of PrPC in the process of disease, the normal function of PrPC still remain elusive. In the present study, a variety of functions have been proposed for mammalian PrPC. Such as nucleocytoplasmic isoforms of PrPC, interactions with ligand and Cu2+, and can be acquired by plasm membrane using endocytosis and internalization. PrPC has multiple physiological functions, including protection of nerve system,assitance of cell death, differentiation and adhesion, and transduction of cell signaling. Thus, overview of the physiological function of PrPC will contribute to the cure of prion disease and further research of prion protein.
Targeting Virulence: a New Paradigm for Antimicrobial Therapy
CHEN Chao-xi;LIANG Jun;CAO Zong-xi
2011, 38(1):  58-61. 
Abstract ( 1447 )  
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The emergence and increasing prevalence of bacterial strains that are resistant to available antibiotics require the discovery of new therapeutic approaches. Targeting bacterial virulence is an alternative approach to antimicrobial therapy that offers promising opportunities to inhibit of toxin function, bacterial toxin delivery, the regulation of virulence expression, adhesion and so on. These drugs can represent a new paradigm for the clinicians to prevent and treat infectious diseases more effectively, make up for existing inadequacies of anti-infection drugs and develop a new way for anti-infective drugs, while they do not affect the survival of bacteria directly.

Study of Plant Polysaccharide on Mucosal Immunity in Animal Digestive Tract
TAO Hao;;WEI Bing-dong;YU Wei;CHEN Qun
2011, 38(1):  62-64. 
Abstract ( 1268 )  
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The study of plant polysaccharides has been a hot research field both in China and abroad,for they have the ability to enhance biological activities of body immunity, anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-oxidation, and molecular recognition. Author reviewed the effects of plant polysaccharides on intestinal mucosal immunity in animal digestive tract from the cellular and molecular levels.
The Observation of Effect in Chinese Herbs Sihuang Extract on Broile Small Intestines Mucosal Immune
JIN Guang-ming;SHI En;QING Jie;DING Chang-hong
2011, 38(1):  65-67. 
Abstract ( 1292 )  
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The effect of Chinese Herbs SiHuang extract on broile small intestines mucosa immunity were observated in this experiment, 204 healthy AA chickens of 1 day old were selected to put into two groups randomly: experimental group and control group, 102 chickens of each group. 200 mg/kg Chinese Herbal SiHuang extract was added to chickens’ basic diet of the experimental group, the trial period lasted 40 days. At the end of experiment, 50 chickens of each group were killed by random and gathering their small intestinal. The effect of Chinese Herbs SiHuang extract on broile small intestines mucosal immune were observated by histology method. The results showed that the experimental group chickens’ duodenum mucosa lymphocyte were obviously increased than the control group, the lymphocyte distributions of jejunum mucosa in experimental group broile were more crowded than that of the control group. There was obviously lymphocyte accumulation phenomenon in the chickens’ ileum mucosa and submucous of the experimental group, and the quantity of lymphocyte was significant incresed than the control group.The results showed that as the feedstuff additives, the Chinese Herbs SiHuang extract had the obvious promoting action to the broile small intestinal mucosa immunity.
Application Prospects of Green Fluorescent Protein Technology in Probiotics Research
WANG Jing;JI Hai-feng;WANG Si-xin;ZHANG Dong-yan;WANG Ya-ming
2011, 38(1):  68-71. 
Abstract ( 1370 )  
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Irrational use of antibiotics in livestock and poultry production easily cause security risk that antibiotic residues exceed standard in products. This security risk not only threatens human health,but also restricts the sustainable development of livestock and poultry production. Probiotics used as an effective alternative to antibiotics in animal feed in this situation. However,the benefits mechanism of probiotics is not very clear. Using modern biotechnology label beneficial strains is an important technology and effective way to study and explain the mechanism of prebiotics in vivo. As a new reporting system,green fluorescent protein (GFP) has been used in the dynamic monitoring and mechanism study of feed micro-organisms,and has shown good application prospect.
Developement of Monoclonal Antibody against Bovine Interferon-γ and Establishment of ELISA Detection Method
LI Chao;LIN Xiang-mei;MEI Lin;LI Quan-fen;HAN Xue-qing
2011, 38(1):  72-75. 
Abstract ( 1330 )  
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Establish bovine tuberculosis BovIFN-γ diagnostic method. Balb/c mice were immunized 5 times with purified reccombinant BovIFN-γ protein, and the McAb against BovIFN-γ was prepared by hybridoma technique, then a double antibody sandwich ELISA method was developed based on the McAb and polyclonal antibody, and further optimized the reaction conditions. Finally, a hybridoma which stably secreted specific monoclonal antibody against BovIFN-γ was named A12E9. The titer of McAb was 1∶107, and the McAb belonged to IgG1 subclass. The sensitivity of double antibody sandwich ELISA method was 40 ng/mL, with good specificity. This method provides a basis for furth researches on the bovine tuberculosis BovIFN-γ diagnostic method.
Construction of Anti-gentamicin Phage Display scFv Libraries,Selection and Identification
MENG Hui;WEN Kai;SHEN Jian-zhong;WANG Zhan-hui;ZHANG Su-xia
2011, 38(1):  76-80. 
Abstract ( 1437 )  
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In this study, we constructed a phage display antibody library specific for gentamicin (GEN) to get the anti-getamicin single chain antibody(scFv). We used the anti-gentamicin hybridoma (2A3) as a source of gene to produce full-length scFv fragment. The full-length scFv fragment was ligated into the phagemid vector pCANTAB5E. Then the phagemid was transformed to E.coli TGl cells by electroporation. The size of antibody libraries was 6.5×106. The primary phage display library was riched by stabilized antigen immunoaffinity panning with GEN-OVA conjugates. 9 clones congtained insert and showed GEN-positive in phage-ELISA, which lay the foundation for further immunological analysis.
Isolation of Porcine Encephalomyocarditis Virus GXLC Strain and Analysis of the Molecular Characteristics of its 3D Gene
CHEN Jin-xi;SHI Kai-chuang;HUANG Sheng-bin;LU Wen-jun;QU Su-jie;ZHENG Min;LI Jun
2011, 38(1):  81-87. 
Abstract ( 1258 )  
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The clinical tissue samples collected from piglets died of suspected encephalomyocarditis were homogenated and the supernatant was inoculated into baby hamster kidney (BHK-21) cell lines to isolate encephalomyocarditis virus (EMCV). According to the cytopathic effect (CPE) and the results of RT-PCR and indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFA),one strain of EMCV was successfully isolated and designated as GXLC strain. The 3D gene of GXLC strain was amplified by RT-PCR,cloned into pMD18-T vector,sequenced and analyzed. The sequence analysis showed that the 3D gene of GXLC strain consisted of 1380 nucleotides encoding 460 amino acids and contained 7 epitopes. The homology analysis indicated that the homology of 3D gene of GXLC strain and other EMCV strains available in GenBank were from 84.7% to 99.7% and from 96.1% to 99.6% based on the nucleotide and deduced amino acide sequences,respectively. The phylogenetic tree based on the 3D gene nucleotide sequences revealed that all the EMCV strains could be divided into two groups: group Ⅰ and group Ⅱ,and group Ⅰ could be subdivided into subgroup Ⅰa and subgroup Ⅰb. The strains from pig distributed in group I and group Ⅱ,while the strains from mouse distributed in group I and the strains from human distributed in group Ⅱ. GXLC strain,and other EMCV isolates from China belonged to subgroup Ⅰa.

Establishment and Rudiment Application of Duplex PCR for Goatpox Virus and Orf Virus
XIANG Zhi-long;CHENG Zhen-tao;ZHUO Jian-hua;ZHOU Bi-jun;OU De-yuan;XIAN Si-mei;LIU Fang;RAN Guang-xin
2011, 38(1):  88-91. 
Abstract ( 1660 )  
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Two pairs of primers were designed according to the sequences of ITR gene of Goatpox virus (GPV) and H2L gene orf virus(ORFV) available in GenBank,respectively.Nucleic acids of GPV and ORFV were mixed as template, a duplex PCR assay was developed based on optimization of reaction conditions. Using the duplex PCR assay,the specific fragments 289 bp and 507 bp were amplified respectively from DNA samples of GPV and ORFV,but not amplified from foot-mouth disease virus,fowl pox virus,bluetongue virus and skin from normal healthy goat. The sensitivity of the duplex PCR reached 4 pg for GPV DNA and 0.4 pg for ORFV DNA,respectively. 12 clinical material were amplified by the duplex PCR assay,detection rate of GPV was 25%(3/12),detection rate of ORFV was 75%(9/12).The results showed that this duplex PCR assay was rapid,sensitive and specific for simultaneous diagnosis or differentiation of GPV and/or from ORFV infections.
Advance on RNA Interference and the Regulation of its Silencing Pathways
DENG Qing-hua;LIU Guo-wen;FU Shi-xin;;LIU Lei;WANG Xiao-xu;ZHU Xiao-yan;WANG Jian-guo;BAI Ge;WANG Zhen-quan;LI Xiao-bing;WANG Zhe
2011, 38(1):  92-94. 
Abstract ( 1399 )  
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RNA interference (RNAi) is induced by double-stranded RNA and result in specific degradation of double-stranded mRNA in cell,and it belongs to post-transcriptional gene silencing mechanism. RNAi has been extensively used as a novel and effective tool for functional genomic studies,and has displayed great potential in treating human and animal diseases. The paper aims to summarise the process of RNAi and make statement about biogenesis of small RNAs,safeguards and regulation of silengcing pathways.
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of the α-galactosidase Gene (melA)from L. plantarum
REN Da-yong;;LI Chang;QIN Yan-qing;;DU Shou-wen;;HU Bo;;JIN Ning-yi
2011, 38(1):  95-99. 
Abstract ( 1295 )  
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Using chromosome DNA of L. plantarum as template,melA gene was amplified by PCR and purified by purification kit in this study. The PCR product of melA gene was cloned into pMD18-T vector and transformed into DH5α competent cells. The recombinant plasmid containing melA gene was selected and the inserted melA gene was identified by cleaved with restriction endonuclease Sac Ⅰ and Sph Ⅰ, and following by PCR amplification and sequencing. The cloned complete melA gene sequence, at a length of 2240 bp, encoded 738 amino acids with a deduced molecular weight of 84 ku. The GC and AT contents were 47.45% and 52.55% respectively. Three nucleotides nonsense mutation were observed, resulting no change of deduced amino acids. The homologies of nucleotides and amino acids were more than 99% respectively (except for AY873840, 96.6% and 92.2%) compared with those in GenBank. The results showed that the whole melA gene was cloned successfully. This research proved a foundation for the construction of recombinant express vector of melA gene.
The Construction and Western Blotting Ananlysis of Liver-specific siRNA
ZHANG Li-tao;LIU Hui-lin;CAO Yi-cheng
2011, 38(1):  100-104. 
Abstract ( 1385 )  
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In order to achieve tissue-specific siRNA therapy,the liver-specific siRNA in vivo expression plasmid had been investigated. It could be used for liver-specific hepatitis B treatment,overcoming a barrier about the siRNA in the clinical application. We used anti-EGFP siRNA instead of the anti-HBV siRNA in this study. The vector was expressed specifically in hepatocyte through construction can express siRNA. The constructed vector had been transiently transfected HepG2,MDA-MB-231,MDA-MB-293 cells respectively. Then the inhibition of siEGFP in the different cell lines had been evaluated and compared by Western blotting ananlysis. siEGFP was proved by Western blotting result to be more efficient to inhibit in the hepatic tissue origin clone HepG2 than other two groups. Tissue specificity was achieved through constructed carrier expressing siRNA specifically in hepatoma cell line,but not in other tissue cell. If we replaced the siEGFP with anti-HBV siRNA in this modified plasmid,it was highly possible to develop a liver-specifically expressing anti-HBV siRNA therapy.
RNA Interference Technology and Gene Function Studies in the Honeybees Application Prospects
LIU Nan-nan;XUE Yun-bo;WANG Zhi;LI Zhi-yong;GAO Qi-chen
2011, 38(1):  105-107. 
Abstract ( 1343 )  
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RNA interference(RNAi) is an ancient and evolutionarily conserved phenomenon in living nature, since the discovery it has become an effective means of research the genes function. The author introduces the discovery history of the RNA interference technology and its mechanism of action, describes the application progress in terms of insect functional genomics and previews the research prospect in gene function for honeybees.
Metabonomics and its Application in Animal Nutrition
NIE Cun-xi;ZHANG Wen-ju
2011, 38(1):  108-111. 
Abstract ( 1356 )  
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As a high flux, sensitivity, highly accurate analysis of modern technology ,metabonomics has made Enormous progress over past decade ,which has been used widely in the different fields of science research such as botany, microbiology, bromatology, dietetics, toxicology, pharmacology and environmental science .With the further research on the macroscopic and microcosmic nutritional of animals, metabonomics, as a strong technical means will become an important way of nutritional research. This article give a brief introduction about metabonomics from its generation, characteristic and research methods. Five aspects applications of metabonomics are reviewed in the animal nutritional study :the relationship between nutrient and organism; the interacting research with the host and microbe in the animal enteron ;the foodstuffs from animal related to security; fermentation feed developing.

Research of Identification by 16S rRNA and RAPD Typing on Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Dairy Cattle in Guizhou
DENG Hai-ping;PU Wan-xia;LIANG Jian-ping;NI Chun-xia;MENG Xiao-qin
2011, 38(1):  112-115. 
Abstract ( 1537 )  
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The 16S rRNA conserved sequence was used for isolation and identification of Staphylococcus aureus(S.aureus) strains causing bovine mastitis in Guizhou,and system of randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) was established for research on genetic polymorphism of the S.aureus strains. The results showed that 37 S.aureus strains were isolated and identified from 69 mastitis milk samples. The 37 S.aureus strains amplified out 1 to 7 electrophoresis strips with sizes ranging from 400 to 4500 bp by RAPD. The strain were separated to 7 genotypes according to the fingerprint, 7 strain were type Ⅰ(18.9%),2 strains were type Ⅱ(5.4%),2 strains were type Ⅲ(5.4%),1 strains was type Ⅳ(2.7%),19 strains were type Ⅴ(51.4%),1 strain was type Ⅵ(2.7%) and 5 strains were typeⅦ(13.5%). The preponderant S.aureus strains in this area was typeⅤ. Effects of geography and climate on transmission of pathogenic bacteria was the mainly reason of discrepancy on proportion of different genotype strains.
Preliminary Establishment of Indirect ELISA Based on the VP3 Structural Protein of IBDV
SONG Tie-bin;CHEN Guang-dong
2011, 38(1):  116-118. 
Abstract ( 1329 )  
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In this study, VP3 gene was cloned and expressed from IBDV field isolate, which was isolated from a poultry farm in Hebei province. After purification using affinity chromatography, the fusion protein was used as a coating antigen for the preliminary establishment of an indirect ELISA for IBDV antibody detection.
The Correlation between the Expression of Melanocortin-4 Receptor Gene and the Carcass Traits in Chicken
REN Shan-mao;TAO Yong;ZHOU Jun;GAO Qin-xue;WANG Jin-yu
2011, 38(1):  119-121. 
Abstract ( 1272 )  
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A method of semi-quantity RT-PCR was established to evaluate gene expression of MC4R in adrenal of chicken. The primers of β-actin and MC4R were designed according to their sequence reported. The correlation were analyzed between the expression and the carcass traits. The results showed that the level of the expression of MC4R in male Jinghai yellow chicken was higher significantly than that in male Youxima chicken(P<0.05). The level of the expression of MC4R was very significant with carcass weight, breast muscle weight and leg muscle weight in male Jinghai yellow chicken(P<0.01). The level of the expression of MC4R was very significant with carcass weight in male Youxima chicken(P<0.01), and was significant with breast muscle weight and leg muscle weight in male Youxima chicken(P<0.05).
Nucleotide Variability and Linkage Disequilibrium Patterns at the Porcine H-FABP Gene
WANG Li-gang;ZHANG Long-chao;ZHAO Ke-bin;YAN Hua;WANG Li-xian
2011, 38(1):  122-125. 
Abstract ( 1357 )  
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DNA resequencing of the H-FABP gene intron 2 in 16 pigs from 9 breeds which were Zang pig, Exi pig,Large White pig,Laiwu Black pig,Beijing Black pig, Wild pig, Rongchang pig, Bamei pig and Licha Black pig respectively revealed 14 polymorphisms in 2078 bp. Hudson-Kreitman-Aguade’s results showed that a nucleotide diversity(π) of south west type pigs, north type pigs, deloped and imported breeds and all breeds were 0.18%, 0.25%, 0.29%, 0.25%, respectively; the Tajima’s D value of south west type pigs, north type pigs and all breeds were -0.52, 0.76 and -0.60, respectively; the Fu and Li’s D value of south west type pigs, north type pigs and all breeds were -0.30, 0.72 and -0.17, respectively. This results indicated that the SNPs of H-FABP intron 2 were very polymorphic in different breeds, and also, the Neighbour-Joining trees of their haplotypes did not show a geographical arrangement for any of the genes, we inferred some loci which may infect intra muscular fat(IMF).
Polymorphisms in Exon 5 of the Myostatin Gene and its Relationship with Growth Traits in Bian Chicken
ZHANG Gen-xi;DING Fu-xiang;ZHAO Xiu-hua;WANG Jin-yu;JIN Chong-fu;ZHANG Li
2011, 38(1):  126-128. 
Abstract ( 1402 )  
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Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of exon 5 of the myostatin (MSTN) gene were detected in the Bian chicken and two reference chicken populations (Jinghai and Youxi chickens) by PCR-SSCP. The relationship with growth traits in the Bian chicken was also analysed. Results showed that there exsited an insretion (TC) in the 8527—8528 bp of the exon 5 of the MSTN gene. Three genotypes (AB, AB and BB) were detected in the Youxi chicken, while the Bian and Jinghai chickens only displayed two genotypes (AA and AB). The allele A was the predominant allele in the three chicken breeds. The least square means analysis showed the differences of body weight between the two genotypes in the Bian chicken were nonsignificant (P>0.05).
Association analysis of SNPs of GH Gene and Economic Traits of Chinese Simmental Populations
ZHANG Chao;LI Jiao;TIAN Lu;;LI Jun-ya;HUANG Meng;XU Shang-zhong
2011, 38(1):  129-132. 
Abstract ( 1315 )  
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Based on the technologies of PCR-RFLP and DNA sequencing, the polymorphism of GH-P3 position within growth hormone (bGH) gene among the individuals of Chinese Simental population was estimated, and associated with the economic traits of Simmental populations by using the least square meas (LSM) based general lineal model (GLM). The results showed that individuals with BB genotype possessed statistically heavier carcass weight than those with AA and AB genotype (P<0.01), the dressing percentage and meat percentage of BB genotype individuals were higher than AA and AB genotypes respectively (P<0.05), and the backfat thickness of AA genotype was lower than AB and BB genotypes (P<0.01). These results indicated that position of GH-P3 within bGH gene significanlty and very significanlty influences the economic traits including carcass weight, dressing percentage, carcass weight, meat percentage and backfat thickness of Chinese Simmental population, which provided theoretical references for the molecular assisted selection (MAS) of key economic traits and germplasm enhancement of Chinese Simmental populations.
Studies on the DNA Barcoding of Two Newly Discovered Chicken Breeds by mtDNA COⅠGene
TANG Xiu-jun;GAO Yu-shi;TU Yun-jie;LU Jun-xian;ZHANG Xiao-yan
2011, 38(1):  133-136. 
Abstract ( 1278 )  
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The COⅠ genes in two newly discovered chicken breeds (Jinhu silky and Wahui) and indigenous chicken breed (Langshan) were amplified by sequencing, in order to post the genetic diversity of these two newly discovered resources and their heredity relation with other chicken breeds. The results showed that the selective sequence of COⅠhad 10 SNPs and 7 haplotypes, 3 SNPs were specific mutation sites, 5 haplotypes were specific haplotypes. The average nucleotide diversities of Jinhu silky, Wahui and Langshan were 0.068%, 0.051% and 0.0369%, respectively; the haplotype diversities of them were 0.4167, 0.3030 and 0.9000, respectively; the genetic diversity of Langshan was higher than the two newly discovered breeds. The Kimura 2-parameter distances between the breeds ranged from -0.002 to 0.236. The genetic distances of intrapopulation were less than that of interpopulation. It was feasible and effective to identify chicken breeds using DNA barcodes of COⅠ gene. 
Effect of Co-culturing with Human Granule Cells on the IVM and Parthenogenetic Activation of Bovine Oocytes
DONG Yi-fei;ZHANG Chang-jun;LUO Qing-bing;JIANG Sheng-fang;ZHANG Zheng
2011, 38(1):  137-139. 
Abstract ( 1204 )  
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In order to evaluate the effect of co-culturing with human granule cells on the IVM of bovine oocytes,we divided the bovine oocytes into the experimental group and the control group.In the experimental group, bovine oocytes were co-culturing with human granule cells in the IVM medium. While in the control group bovine oocytes were cultured in the same IVM medium. The rates of maturating and blastocyst formation rates through parthenogenetic activation were compared between the two groups. The maturating rates in the experimental group (72.35%) was higher than that in the control group(52.86%) (P<0.01). After parthenogenetic activation, the blastocyst formation rates in the two groups were 12.82% and 4.76%, but the differences were not significant(P>0.05). The results suggested that human granule cells can be used for co-culturing in the IVM of bovine oocytes, co-culturing with human granule cells may elevate the nuclear maturing rates.
Genetic Variations in Porcine H-FABP Gene Promoter Region in Several Pig Breeds
ZHANG Long-chao;WANG Li-gang;ZHAO Ke-bin;LI Yong;YAN Hua;WANG Li-xian
2011, 38(1):  140-143. 
Abstract ( 1213 )  
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In the current research, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in
heart fatty acid-binding protein(H-FABP) gene promoter region (1553 bp) were screened in 7 Chinese indigenous pig breeds, 2 Western commercial pig breeds and 1 wild boar in Northeast of China. The results showed that 18 SNPs were found and the average distance among these SNPs was about 81.7 bp. The nucleotide diversity(π) was ranged from 0.18% (Jianghai type) to 0.34% (North China type). The NJ tree obtained for H-FABP did not show a geographical arrangement for the gene.
High Throughput Screening Technologies of Differentially Expressed Genes and their Application in Domestic Animals
DI Ran;CHU Ming-xing 
2011, 38(1):  144-147. 
Abstract ( 1379 )  
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Screening technology of differentially expressed genes is a powerful tool to study genes associated with important economic traits and diseases. In this review,several kinds of high throughput screening technologies of differentially expressed genes were summarized, their principle,procedure and application in domestic animals were briefly introduced.
Jining Gray Goat Investigation and Analysis of Germplasm Resources
XU Teng
2011, 38(1):  148-151. 
Abstract ( 1288 )  
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Jining gray goats was a famous fur with a local goat breeds,the breeding history, general appearance and production performance of grey goats were analyzed. The strategies of conservation were proposed.
Advances in the Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms
LI Quan-fen;;LI Zhi-hui;WANG Hui-yu;HAN Xue-qing
2011, 38(1):  152-156. 
Abstract ( 1316 )  
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Progress in genetic engineering has led to the genetically modified organisms’(GMOs’) increasing in amount and diversification, which pose a challenge in analysis of GMO and lead to the development of analytical methods for GMO detection. The new analytical technologies unlike the traditional approaches which mostly based on the sequential detection of one target at a time, use high-throughput systems or platforms for the detection of multiple targets once. The development of the newly developing tools such as real-time PCR-based ready-to-use multi-target analytical system, padlock probe ligation in combination with microarray detection PPLMD, Luminex xMAP technology, multiplex PCR-capillary gel electrophoresis, highly sensitive bioluminometric hybridization assay and decision support systems are briefly reviewed in this paper.

Advances on Characteristic and Application of Alkaline Phosphatase
WANG Qiu-ying
2011, 38(1):  157-160. 
Abstract ( 1469 )  
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Alkaline phosphatase(AP) is a kind of hydrolase,which catalyzes the nonspecific hydrolysis of phosphate monoester to produce phosphate or transfer phosphate.AP exists widely in microbial and animal kingdom.AP plays a vital important role in phosphate cycle of world creatures,and has been used widely in the fields of diagnostics,biochemistry and molecular biology.In this paper,the history,the reaction mechanism and application of alkaline phosphatase was reviewed.
Research Progress in Milk Quality Traits Relative Genes and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in Cow
ZHANG Lei;;SONG Xue-mei;SHI Fang-xiong;JIANG Yong-qing
2011, 38(1):  161-164. 
Abstract ( 1236 )  
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Milk quality traits are very important economic traits of cows,including protein yield,protein percentage,fat yield and fat percentage,and so on. Nowadays,the general goals in present dairy cattle breeding are focused on improvement of milk quality traits. With the research development on functional genes or functional single nucleotide polymorphisms affecting milk production traits,candidate gene strategies have been widely applied in milk quality traits for molecular breeding practicing in post-genomic field. This review will summarize recent findings on the genes and their receptors of regulation of lactation,fat synthesis and secondary metabolism pathways and other pathways.
DNA Polymorphism in the Partial Mitochondrial rrnL Gene among Galba pervia (the Intermediate Host of Fasiola) Isolates from Guangxi
WANG Shu-yan;;LI Xin;LI Juan;SHEN Qian-cheng;ZHU Xing-quan;HUANG Wei-yi
2011, 38(1):  165-169. 
Abstract ( 1418 )  
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(1.College of Animal Science and Technology, Guangxi Univesity, Nanning 530005, China;2. College of Veterinary Medicine, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, China;3. Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute/State Key Laboratory of Veterinary Etiological Biology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Lanzhou 730046,China)〖JZ)〗〖HJ1*2〗〖HJ〗
〖WT5”HZ〗Abstract:〖WT5”BZ〗In order to analyze sequence variation in the partial mitochondrial large subunit ribosomal rRNA gene (rrnL) of Galba pervia from different geographical locations in Guangxi, rrnL genes were amplified from G.pervia isolates obtained from 6 endemic origins. After screening by SSCP technique, representative samples with variable banding patterns were selected for sequencing. DNAStar 5.0 and MEGA 4.0 were used to analyze the sequences subsequently. The results showed that a fragment of the rrnL approximately 500 bp in length was amplified by PCR and a total of 15 variable sites (5.49%) were detected within a 273 bp sequence in 6 endemic origins. There was a notable sequence variation among isolates from same geographical origin in Baise, Nanning and Guilin. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that mitochondrial rrnL was not a good molecular marker for population genetic study of G.pervia to some extent. These results provided novel data for elucidating the genetic variation of G.pervia, the intermediate host of Fasciola in China.
The Pathological Characteristics of Poorly Differentiated Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Dogs
QI Bao-min
2011, 38(1):  170-172. 
Abstract ( 1283 )  
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The histopathologic features of poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma in 3 dogs were observed by the histopathological method. The results showed that cancer cells were similar to the prickle cells and basal cells, cancer cavity could be seen in the cancer tissues,and parakeratotic cells in some cancer cavity, no cancer pearl occurred. The results suggested that cancer cavity was one pathological characteristic of poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, and could be used as diagnostic basis of poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma.
Histopathology of Ducks Experimentally Infected with Two Avian Influenza Viruses
YE Yuan-lan;;ZHOU Quan-he;LI Yu-gu
2011, 38(1):  173-178. 
Abstract ( 1335 )  
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Ducks intramuscularly inoculated with two avian influenza virus isolates, A/duck/Guangdong/221/2004(H5N1)and A/duck/Guangdong/185/2004(H5N1), had micropathological and ultrapathological lessions in some degree in multiple organs, such as the damages of mucous membrane of respiratory and alimentary tract, and hyperemia, congestion, hemorrhage, edema, and cell degeneration, necrosis, inflammation or a combination of these features in the heart, liver, lung, kidney, and encephalon etc, but did not died in two weeks.
Drug Resistance Pattern Analysis of Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae Isolated from Goat
CHEN Chao-xi;WANG Hua;ZHU Xiao-xia;TANG Cheng
2011, 38(1):  179-181. 
Abstract ( 1475 )  
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MICs (minimal inhibitory concentration) to 19 antimicrobial agents of 33 goat-derived Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae isolated from Zigong, Jianyang and Lezhi in Sichuan province were determined using broth microdilution method, and WHONET5.4 software was used for data processing and drug resistance pattern analysis. The results showed that 33 Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae were multiple drug resistant to 19 antimicrobial agents and the drug resistance pattern mainly was Chloramphenicol,Streptomycin,Erythromycin,Ceftiofur,Amikacin,Rifampin, accounting for 78.79%.
Effect on Immune Efficiency of Newcastle Disease with Different Immune Intensifiers
LI Fu-gui;ZHANG Wen-sheng;LIANG Qing-xin;ZHAO Li-min;WANG Zhi-long
2011, 38(1):  188-190. 
Abstract ( 1325 )  
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Immune effects of 4 different immune intensifiers(chicken transfer factor, astragalus, levamisole and ganoderma)were compared in this paper using Newcastle disease (ND) antibody titre as indicator. Blood samples were collected for detecting ND HI titre before experiment, ND-EDS-IB attenuated oil-emulsion vaccine was injected into each bird. And then all chickens were divided into five groups,group 1 to 4 were experimental groups and group 5 was control,and all birds were given with different immune intensifiers. Then, antibody titres of blood samples collected on 4th,6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 22th, 24th day post-immunization were detected by HI test, changes of HI titres were received by mathematical statistics. The results showed that HI titre of ganoderma group were significant higher than control group and other groups at 12th day firstly,and kept in high level; there were more distinct enhancement respectively in transfer factor group and astragalus group in 14th day, keeping in high level;the titre of levamisole group was higher than control group after 20th day, but there was no significant differentiation. Therefore, there were various immune efficiencies to ND vaccine with different immune intensifiers. By comprehensive consideration, chicken transfer factor (priority) and astragalus (secondary choice) would be applied in clinic, and ganoderma and levamisole should be used appropriately.
Advances in Research on mtDNA and Diseases
LIU Hao-peng;HU Jing-jing;SU Rong-sheng;REN Chang-bao;TANG Zhao-xin
2011, 38(1):  191-193. 
Abstract ( 1413 )  
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To study the relations of mtDNA veriation and the mitochondriopathy. The case of mitochondriopathy is the structure and functional of mitochondria be defected. And the concept of mitochondriopathy is the disease that made by mtDNA variation. The mtDNA has a lot of existence mutable sites, gene expressing being controlled by multifactor, and the probability of mutational is tremendous. Genetic mutation and the anomalism of gene expression influence the cell utilize the oxygen, and relevanting closed with the pathophysiology of body, so the mtDNA is relation with the morbid nosogenesis.
Establishment and Application of Nested PCR Assay for Detection of Eperythrozoon suis
HENG Xiu-hong;XING Ying;JIA Li-jun;XUE Shu-jiang;ZHEN Li-jia;ZHANG Shou-fa
2011, 38(1):  194-197. 
Abstract ( 1297 )  
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To establish a more exact and sensitive method to detect Eperythrozoon suis, two pairs of nested PCR primer were designed according to Eperythrozoon suis DNA sequence (AJ504999)and nested PCR assay was established. The optimum reaction conditions were screened, and sensitive, special and clinical samples tests were carried out. The results showed that Eperythrozoon suis genome DNA could be amplified by nested PCR,and Toxoplasma gondii, Streptococcus, Theileria sergenti and Eperythrozoon wenyonii genomic DNA could not. The minimum amount of DNA to detect was 0.124 fg/μL. After the detection of 55 clinical samples, results indicated that the positive detection rate of nested PCR was 23.7% higher than conventional PCR. This research offers a more exact and sensitive detection method and it is good value for application.
Establishment of Distinguishing Method on Detecting Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus JXA1 and JXA1-R Strain
HE Ling;PEI Zhang-fu
2011, 38(1):  198-200. 
Abstract ( 1554 )  
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Based on the variant sequences of PRRSV JXA1 strain and the genetic markers of JXA1-R strain,two pairs of primers were designed and synthesized,and RT-PCR methods were established for detecting the two viruses with specific gene fragments of 400 bp and 290 bp.There was no cross-reactions with those clinically relevant pathogens,such as classical swine fever virus, porcine pseudorabies virus, porcine circovirus type 2, porcine parvovirus. The sensitivity tests showed that the assay could detect 103 copies/μL RNA of JXA1 and 104 copies/μL RNA of JXA1-R.The RT-PCR established in this study, with high specificity and sensitivity,is very suit for clinic-sample detection.
The Research about the Prevention and Cure of Chinese and Western Medicine Compound Preparation for the Colibacillosis of Chicken
FENG Shan-xiang
2011, 38(1):  201-203. 
Abstract ( 1536 )  
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We chose 420 AA kero-chicken of uniform size and divide them into 14 groups (30 chicken for each group) randomly. We used seven groups for the prophylactic trial, while the other seven groups for the therapeutic test. The results indicated that there was no significant difference between groups of the investigational drug of high and moderate dose(P>0.05); while there was a significant difference compared with the investigation drug of low dose and the FM control group(P<0.05); there was a remarkable difference compared with astragalan control group(P<0.01). The results demonstrated that the high and moderate dose of Western and Chinese medicines could prevent and cure the colibacillosis of chicken effectively.
The Detection of Antibodies of Porcine Viral Diseases in the Southern Region of Hebei Province
MA Xing-shu;ZHU Mei-xia;HAN Gai-ying;PAN Ying-zi;WANG Bin
2011, 38(1):  204-205. 
Abstract ( 1367 )  
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Applying enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA) for detection of antibodies to the classical swine fever virus (CSFV), porcine pseudorabies virus (PPRV), porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) in total 421 serum samples from 10 large-scale pig farms in the southern area of Hebei province between January and December 2009.The results showed that the total antibodies positive rate to CSFV, PPRV, PRRSV was 61.82%(251/406), 90.15%(293/325)and 40.25%(128/318), respectively. Therefore, we suggest that the gilts and soars in this area should be immunised to classical swine fever and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome immediately.
Effect of One Dose Chinese Traditional Medicine on Immunity and Antioxidant Activity in Broile
WU Yu-chen;GUO Shuang;YIN Zheng-xing;TANG Guang-wu;YANG Guo-yu
2011, 38(1):  206-209. 
Abstract ( 1378 )  
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The author put up one dose Chinese traditional medicine. In order to research the effect of this dose Chinese traditional medicine on immunity and antioxidant ability in poultry, the author use AA broile as experimental animal. The result showed that experimental groups can improve immune apparatus index, lymphocyte proliferation rate, and antibody level; the SOD activity and the antioxidant ability was high improved.
Epidemiological Investigation of Caprine Mycoplasma pneumoniae in Sichuan Province
WANG Hua;YANG Fa-long;WANG Yong;TANG Cheng
2011, 38(1):  210-213. 
Abstract ( 1534 )  
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Caprine Mycoplasma pneumoniae (CMP) is one of the most serious threat to goat breeding in Sichuan province. The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of CMP. 135 clinical samples (lungs and nasal swabs) were collected from goat farms of 7 districts in Sichuan province and 42 clinical strains were isolated from these samples. The isolates were identified as M.ovipneumoniae (36/42) and the members of Mycoplasma mycoides cluster (6/42) by PCR. M. ovipneumoniae was isolated from all of 7 farms, and the members of Mycoplasma mycoides cluster was only isolated from one farm. The positive rate varied from 7.7% to 44.4% in 7 farms. The results suggested that M.ovipneumoniae was the major causative agent of CMP, and only a few cases was caused by both of M.ovipneumoniae and the members of Mycoplasma mycoides cluster in Sichuan province.

Antibacterial Drugs on the Rational Use of Clinical in Dogs and Cats
TU Wen-ji;WANG Sheng-kui;CAO Wu-ba
2011, 38(1):  214-217. 
Abstract ( 1342 )  
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Antibacterial drug is currently the most widely used of clinically and most important anti-infective drugs in dogs and cats, which play a huge role on the control of dogs and cats diseases. But unreasonable use, especially the phenomenon of abuse is more serious, not only resulted in wastage of drugs, but also lead to increase of dogs and cats side effects, bacterial drug resistance, damage to animals, and even lead to the occurrence of such incidents. In this paper, combining the dogs and cats experience and understanding of clinical disease control, and make a summary and conclusion of used for clinical antimicrobial drugs, as to provide a reference of correct use of antibiotics in dog and cat.
Research Progress of Salmonella Detection Methods
SUN Yuan-yuan;ZHAO Peng;LIU Jun;WANG Fu-hai;QIAN Ke;ZHU Jin-lian
2011, 38(1):  218-221. 
Abstract ( 1236 )  
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Salmonella is an important pathogenic bacteria of livestock. To establish a kind of quickly and accurately detection methods have been Salmonella inspection center of research problems. Through consulting a large number of documents, the recent progress of Salmonella detection were summarized.
The Research Advancement of Brucellosis
MAO Jing-dong;WANG Jing-long;;YANG Yan-ling;
2011, 38(1):  222-226. 
Abstract ( 1279 )  
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Brucellosis, especially caused by Brucella melitensis, remains one of the most common zoonotic diseases worldwide with more than 500000 human cases reported annually. The bacterial pathogen is classified by the CDC as a category (B) pathogen that has potential for development as a bio-weapon. Brucella spp. is considered as the most common laboratory-acquired pathogens. The geographical distribution of brucellosis is constantly changing with new foci emerging or re-emerging. The disease occurs worldwide in both animals and humans, except in those countries where bovine brucellosis has been eradicated. The worldwide economic losses due to brucellosis are extensive not only in animal production but also in human health.Although a number of successful vaccines are being used for immunization of animals, no satisfactory vaccine against human brucellosis is available. When the incidence of brucellosis is controlled in the animal reservoirs, there is a corresponding and significant decline in the incidence in humans.
Research of Meat Performance and Quality Analysis for Local Varieties Buffalo in Jiangxi Province
WU Zhi- yong;WANG Rong-min;YANG Yan;XU Gui-hua;YU Hua-yang
2011, 38(1):  227-232. 
Abstract ( 1343 )  
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For analyzing the meat performance and beef main nutritional nutrient mensuration, three buffalo from three local breeds buffalo (Poyang lake buffalo, Xiajiang buffalo and Xinfeng mountain buffalo) in Jiangxi province between 18 to 24 months age had been selected separately. The results showed: the buffalo muscle carnatio to comply with a standard, without PSE meat, DFD meat, and produced in line with standards of fine quality beef cattle; tested the carcass weight, bright flesh weight, carcass meat ratio, Fe content and Zn content, Poyang lake buffalo was significantly higher than the Xinfeng mountain buffalo (P<0.05); 18 kinds of amino acids in Poyang lake buffalo meat, (except Tyr)were highest, in which Asp, Glu, Ser, Pro, Ala, Leu and Cys were significantly higher than the Xinfeng mountain buffalo (P<0.05), fresh sweet flavor amino acid, sweet flavor amino acids was significantly higher than the Xinfeng mountain buffalo (P<0.05). The arachidic acid content in beef fatty acid, was significantly different (P<0.05) among the varieties breeds, the other fatty acids, total hard fatty acid contents and total content of unsaturated fat were not significantly different among varieties (P>0.05).
Rapid Prediction of Sheep Back Fat Thickness and Eye Muscle Area in Using Ultrasonic Technology
WEI Cai-hong;LI Hong-bin;LIU Tao;LI Shan-gang;DU Li-xin
2011, 38(1):  236-237. 
Abstract ( 1255 )  
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Back fat thickness and eye muscle area were both as important selective traits in mutton sheep breeding. In order to be able to predict them in vivo experiment, three sheep breeds and total 36 were estimated and measured before and after slaughter. The prediction model on back fat thickness,eye muscle area,and carcass weigh after slaughter by ultrasonic measurements in using least-squares procedure were established and the results showed that the prediction model were significant (P<0.05).Therefore,it can be applied in practical.
Bacterium Analysis of Silkworm Chrysalis from the Market of Changchun
ZHU Yuan-yin;GONG Sheng;REN Hong-lin;LU Shi-ying
2011, 38(1):  238-240. 
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Silkworm chrysalis intoxication may be related to microbial contamination, deteriorate, protein denaturation and produced toxins. The various kinds of contaminated microbial and produced toxins are responsible for this intoxicatio. In this study, bacterium of silkworm chrysalis from the market of Changchun was analyzed in order to ensure silkworm chrysalis edible safety.
Studies on the Histological Characteristics and Physicochemical Properties of Chinese Simmental’s Forelimb Muscles
REN Qiu-bin;;ZHENG Shi-xue;LI Hai-peng;ZHANG Song-shan;SUN Bao-zhong
2011, 38(1):  244-246. 
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The experiment was studied on histological characteristics and physicochemical properties of Chinese Simmental’s forelimb muscles(muscles supraspinatus,muscles infraspinatus and muscles triceps brachii).Results showed that there were no significant different(P>0.05) on pH value,water loss(wl), and meat color amomg different muscles.The factor of muscles had significant(P<0.05) or very significant effect(P<0.01) on shear force,protein,far,moisture,muscle fiber diameter,muscle fiber cross-sectional area and muscle fiber density.The study enriched data on meat quality traits of Chinese Simmental.