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Genetic Diversity Analysis of Microsatellite in Minxian Black Fur Sheep

ZHANG Rui1, LANG Xia2, WU Jianping1,2, LIU Ting1, GONG Xuyin2, WANG Cailian2, CHI Haobin1, LIANG Tingyu1   

  1. 1. College of Animal Science & Technology, Gansu Agricultural University, Lanzhou 730070, China;
    2. Animal Husbandry, Pasture and Green Agriculture Institute, Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Lanzhou 730030, China
  • Received:2018-12-27 Online:2019-08-20 Published:2019-08-17


This study was aimed to analyze the genetic diversity of Minxian Black fur sheep, select the ideal genetic markers, and provide a theoretical basis for breeding and conservation.144 Minxian Black fur sheep were selected to collect blood from jugular vein for extracting DNA.24 pairs of microsatellite primers were amplified by PCR, and the genotypes were analyzed by capillary electrophoresis.The numbers of alleles, alleles size and frequency, numbers of effective alleles, heterozygosity and polymorphism information content were calculated.The results showed that a total of 210 alleles were found in 24 loci, the average number of alleles was 8.75;The population alleles frequency were 0.0104 to 0.7396, the alleles size were 97 to 285 bp;The numbers of effective alleles were 1.7581 to 8.2433;The average observed heterozygosity was 0.4839;The average expected heterozygosity was 0.6959;The average polymorphism information content was 0.6527.The numbers of alleles, numbers of effective alleles, expected heterozygosity and polymorphism information content at MAF70 locus were the highest;The observe heterozygosity at OarFCB128 locus were the highest;The numbers of alleles at OarAE129 locus and the observed heterozygosity at OarFCB304 locus were the lowest;The expected heterozygosity and polymorphism information content at SRCRSP9 locus were the lowest.The Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium analysis results showed that 19 loci devieted from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.The results indicated that the genetic background of Minxian Black fur sheep was complex and the genetic diversity was rich, which could provide a theoretical basis for the evaluation of genetic resources and the breeding and conservation.

Key words: Minxian Black fur sheep; microsatellite; genetic diversity; capillary electrophoresis

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