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Effect of Guiqi Yimu Oral Liquid on Plasma Metabolites in Postpartum Dairy Cows Based on UPLC-MS/MS Metabolomics Technology

KONG Weiyi1, WANG Feifei1, YUE Kang1, QIN Junjie2, ZHU Hao2, GUO Yansheng1   

  1. 1. College of Agriculture, Ningxia University, Yinchuan 750021, China;
    2. Beijing Center Biology Co., Ltd., Beijing 102600, China
  • Received:2022-07-26 Online:2023-03-05 Published:2023-03-02

Abstract: 【Objective】 The purpose of this experiment was to analyze the effects of Guiqi Yimu oral liquid on plasma metabolites in postpartum dairy cows by UPLC-MS/MS metabolomics technology,in order to clarify the health-care mechanism of Guiqi Yimu oral liquid on postpartum dairy cows.【Method】 A total of 15 healthy Holstein dairy cows with similar body condition and 2-3 parity were selected and randomly divided into control group (n=7) and experiment group (n=8).500 mL/head Guiqi Yimu oral liquid and drinking water were administered continuously for 6 days.Blood was collected before morning feeding on 7 d postpartum.After pretreatment,UPLC-MS/MS was used for on-machine detection,and MetaboAnanlyst 5.0 software was used to screen differential metabolites with VIP≥1 and P<0.05 for metabolic pathway enrichment analysis.【Result】 At 7 days postpartum,the plasma metabolism profile in experiment group was significantly changed compared with control group.Sixteen differential metabolites were screened out,of which eight were significantly up-regulated,including methionine sulfoxide,creatine phosphate,glycerophosphocholine,cortisol,L-tryptophan,lysophosphatidylcholine(18∶2),5-hydroxytryptamine and L-arginine;Eight were significantly down-regulated,including 1-aminocyclohexanoic acid,3-methylcrotonyl glycine,L-asparagine anhydrous,monoacylglycerolacyl(16∶1),panthenyl mercaptoethylamine,octadecy monoenamide,1-methylguanine and 3-N-methyl-L-histidine.Differential metabolites were significantly enriched in glycerophospholipid metabolism,arginine and proline metabolism,and tryptophan metabolism pathways.【Conclusion】 Guiqi Yimu oral liquid had the health-care effect of postpartum dairy cows,which might play the role of anti-inflammatory,antioxidant,appetite-regulating,intestinal bacteria and relieving negative energy balance by regulating glycerophospholipid metabolism,cortisol metabolism,tryptophan metabolism,arginine and proline metabolism.

Key words: postpartum dairy cows; Guiqi Yimu oral liquid; metabolomics; plasma metabolites; pathway enrichment

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