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Selection of Culture Medium and Optimization of Fermention Conditions for Bacillus subtilis Producing Antimicrobial Peptides

ZHANG Zhiyan1, ZHAO Qian1, YU Jiamin1, LIU Changqing2, XU Haiyan1, GU Wei1   

  1. 1. Shandong Key Laboratory of Animal Micro-Ecological Agent, Shandong Baolai-Leelai Bioengineering Co., Ltd., Tai'an 271000, China;
    2. Tai'an Agricultural Bureau, Tai'an 271000, China
  • Received:2018-08-20 Online:2019-04-20 Published:2019-04-22


The aim of this study was to optimize the fermentation medium and fermentation conditions of Bacillus subtilis BL0006 and improve the titer of antimicrobial peptide.Through the single factor experiment,the optimum carbon source,nitrogen source and inorganic salt were selected as glucose,peptone and K2HPO4.The path of steepest ascent was undertaken to approach the optimal region of the three significant factors.Box-Behnken design and response surface analysis were adopted to get the best formula of culture medium that could improve the titer of antimicrobial peptide.The fermentation conditions,temperature,inoculation quantity and rotational speed were optimized by shaking flask single factor test.The optimized fermentation medium was glucose 47.7 g/L,peptone 29.0 g/L,K2HPO4 3.3 g/L.The optimized fermentation process was inoculum size 30 mL/L,pH 7.5,220 r/min and 37℃.Under the optimized conditions,the titer of antimicrobial peptide was 4.25×104 U/mL and was 3.51 times as high as before optimization.In conclusion,the selected medium and the optimized fermentation process could achieve high yield,reduce cost and shorten fermentation time.

Key words: Bacillus subtilis; antibacterial peptide; medium; fermentation process; optimization

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