China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine ›› 2020, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (1): 53-62.doi: 10.16431/j.cnki.1671-7236.2020.01.007

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Effects of Cadmium-tolerant Lactobacillus on Cd Residue and Some Mineral Elements Accumulation in Hens' Tissues and Eggs

PU Junhua1, CHEN Dawei1, LU Junxian1, ZHANG Xiaoyan1, TANG Mengjun1, KONG Lingwu2, ZHOU Qian1, LIU Yinyin1, GAO Yushi1   

  1. 1. Jiangsu Institute of Poultry Sciences, Yangzhou 225125, China;
    2. Shuangyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Yangzhou 225124, China
  • Received:2019-07-11 Online:2020-01-20 Published:2020-01-17

Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to find out the effects of cadmium-tolerant Lactobacillus on organ coefficient,Cd residue and the contents of Ca,Fe,Zn,Mn,Cu and Se in tissues and eggs of laying hens.The experiment was divided into 5 groups:Control group,fed basic diet;Cd group,basic diet+5 mg/kg Cd (added in the form of cadmium chloride);Lactobacillus group,basic diet+1×1010 CFU/kg cadmium-tolerant Lactobacillus;Cd+low dose Lactobacillus group,basic diet+5 mg/kg Cd+1×1010 CFU/kg cadmium-tolerant Lactobacillus;Cd+high dose Lactobacillus group,basic diet+5 mg/kg Cd+1×1011 CFU/kg cadmium-tolerant Lactobacillus.The test lasted for 6 weeks.At the end of the experiment,the blood of laying hens in each group were collected to measure the total antioxidant capacity (T-AOC) and superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity;The visceral tissues and eggs of laying hens in each group were collected to calculate the organ coefficient,and the contents of Cd,Ca,Fe,Cu,Zn,Mn and Se in the tissues and eggs were measured.The results showed that compared with control group,Cd and cadmium-tolerant Lactobacillus groups significantly increased the total antioxidant capacity (P<0.05).Cd reduced spleen index to the lowest,which was significantly lower than spleen index of Cd with low dose or high dose cadmium-tolerant Lactobacillus (P<0.05),and compared with control group,cadmium-tolerant Lactobacillus significantly increased heart index (P<0.05).Cd residue in liver and kidney of laying hens was much higher than that in other tissues.Adding cadmium-tolerant Lactobacillus significantly reduced Cd residue in heart (P<0.05).Compared with control group,Cd significantly reduced the content of Ca in kidney,and Mn in spleen and yolk (P<0.05).Low dose cadmium-tolerant Lactobacillus significantly increased the Mn content in renal,Fe content in yolk and Cu content in kidney and spleen (P<0.05) compared with control group.The contents of Fe,Zn,Mn and Se in eggs were significantly increased by adding cadmium-tolerant Lactobacillus (P<0.05).The results indicated that adding 1×1010 CFU/kg of cadmium-tolerant Lactobacillus to the diets of laying hens could significantly improve the total antioxidant capacity of serum and the heart index of laying hens,significantly ameliorate Cd-induced spleen atrophy and reduce the Cd residue in the hearts of laying hens after Cd exposure,significantly increased the contents of Mn,Fe and Cu in kidney,spleen and yolk respectively,and significantly increased the contents of Fe,Zn,Mn and Se in eggs.

Key words: cadmium-tolerant Lactobacillus; laying hens; tissue indexes; Cd

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