China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine ›› 2022, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (4): 1364-1373.doi: 10.16431/j.cnki.1671-7236.2022.04.018

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Polymorphism of MyoG Gene Intron Ⅱ and Its Association with Growth Traits in Sheep

LI Jingyun1, WANG Xinle1, ZHANG Yunfei1, BAI Junyan1,2, LI Gan1,2, LEI Ying1,2, DONG Zhihao1, CHEN Yu1, FAN Hongdeng1, WANG Longwei1, CHEN Mengke1, WANG Xingke1, SIMA Leiyang1, ZHANG Shiwen1   

  1. 1. College of Animal Science and Technology, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang 471023, China;
    2. Luoyang Key Laboratory of Animal Genetics and Breeding, Luoyang 471023, China
  • Received:2021-09-07 Online:2022-04-05 Published:2022-03-25

Abstract: 【Objective】 This study was aimed to analyze the polymorphism of myogenin (MyoG) gene intron Ⅱ and its effect on growth traits in sheep,the molecular markers with significant effects on the growth and development of sheep were screened to provide reference for molecular breeding in sheep.【Method】 Five species of Large-tailed Han sheep,Small-tailed Han sheep,Yuxi Fat-tailed sheep,Dorper sheep and Hu sheep were selected as the research object. The intron Ⅱ of MyoG gene (Eco72 Ⅰ) was genotyped by PCR-RFLP technology.The population genetic polymorphism of MyoG gene intron Ⅱ was calculated by PopGene32 software.The association analysis between the different genotypes of MyoG gene intron Ⅱ and growth traits of sheep was performed by SPSS 17.0 software.【Result】 There were three genotypes of AA (368/540 bp),AB (908/368/540 bp) and BB (908 bp) were found of MyoG gene intron Ⅱ in Small-tailed Han sheep,Dorper sheep and Hu sheep populations,and there were two genotypes of AB (908/368/540 bp) and BB (908 bp) were found in Large-tailed Han sheep and Yuxi Fat-tailed sheep populations.The genotype frequency of AB in Large-tailed Han sheep,Small-tailed Han sheep,Yuxi Fat-tailed sheep,Hu sheep and Dorper sheep were 0.845,0.633,0.917,0.706 and 0.811,the genotype frequency of BB were 0.155,0.033,0.083,0.176 and 0.054,and the genotype frequency of AA genotype were 0,0.333,0,0.118 and 0.135,respectively.The lowest heterozygosity was 0.455 in Small-tailed Han sheep,and the highest was 0.497 in Dorper sheep,indicating that Dorper sheep had a higher genetic diversity than other population.The polymorphic information content (PIC) of five sheep population was moderate polymorphism (0.25<PIC<0.5).The association analysis results showed that the chest circumference,chest width,head length and neck length of BB genotype of MyoG gene intron Ⅱ in Small-tailed Han sheep were significantly lower than those of AA and AB genotypes (P<0.05).【Conclusion】 The Eco72 Ⅰ site of MyoG gene intron Ⅱ could be used as a molecular marker affecting the growth trait in sheep,and the results provided reference for molecular marker assisted selection of growth trait in sheep in the future.

Key words: sheep; MyoG gene; intron Ⅱ; Eco72 Ⅰ site; growth traits

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