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20 May 2011, Volume 38 Issue 5
Progress on Application of Rumen Protected Fat in Dairy Production
YUAN Ting-jie;ZHOU Ling-yun;BU Deng-pan;LI Shan-shan;YANG Yong-xin;CUI Hai;
2011, 38(5):  5-9. 
Abstract ( 1473 )  
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Fat is one of the most important nutritions of animals. Supplemental fat can improve effectively the energy supply,and play a role in improving lipids metabolism and the products quality and reproductive performance. This article reviews the application of rumen protected fats in dairy diets,including type and principle,palatability,and digestibility of rumen protected fat,that affects on production performance and reproductive performance of dairy cows.
High Doses of Microbial Phytase Affect Nutrient Utilization in Broiler Chicks Fed Corn-soybean Meal Diets
SUN Hong-xuan;GAO Xiu-hua;YANG Lu-liang;
2011, 38(5):  10-14. 
Abstract ( 1220 )  
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An experiment was conducted to determine the effect of high levels of microbial phytase supplementation in corn-soy-based diets on nutrient availability of broiler chickens.A totalof 576 one-day old male Arbor Acres broilers were assigned to 6 dietary treatments,consisting of 8 pens of 12 birds each,and were fed two periods experimental diets from 1 to 21 d and 22 to 42 d. The diets include a positive control (0.69% tP,0.45% nonphytate P for 1 to 21 d;0.59% tP,0.35% nonphytate P for 22 to 42 d)and a negative control(0.60% tP,0.35% nonphytate P for 1 to 21 d;0.49% tP,0.25% nonphytate P for 22 to 42 d),and 4 more negative diets with 500,2000,8000,32000 FTU/kg phytase. The results showed that ① High dose of phytase could significantly improve the availability of Ca at 17 to 21 d (P <0.05 ).②High dose of phytase could significantly influence the availability of P at 38 to 42 d (P<0.05 ),with the phytase levels increasing,the availability of P significantly decreased,while the availability of Ca tended to be increased then to be decreased.③There were significantly improvements in availability of crude protein and AME with phytase levels increasing(P<0.05)either at 17 to 21 d or at 38 to 42 d. This study suggest that higher levels of phytase can be used to improve the overall utilization of phytate P and possibly other nutrients in a tP-deficient diet. That current phytase supplementation and diet nutrients within the poultry industry may need to be reevaluated.
Effect of Chinese Herbal Additive on Growth Performance and Immune Function of Finishing Pigs
JIANG Wei-xing;YUAN Wen-jun;LI Wei;TANG Song-yuan;HUANG Xing-guo
2011, 38(5):  15-18. 
Abstract ( 1654 )  
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This experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of Chinese herbal additive on growth performance and immune function of finishing pigs in summer season. A total 200 of crossed growing pigs(Duroc×Landrace×Yorkshire),weighted about 60 kg,sorted by weight and gender,were allotted to 4 treatments,with 5 replicates per treatment and 10 pigs per replicate. The basal diet was corn-soybean,without antibiotics and Chinese herbal additives. The control group was fed with
Effects of Compound Additives on Hatchability Performance and Serum Biochemical Index in Cherry Valley Parent Stock
SHE De-yong;WU Qi-you;ZHAN Kai;LI Jun-ying;WANG Shuang-xi;XU Yue-ying;ZHANG Zhi-de;HUANG Jian
2011, 38(5):  19-23. 
Abstract ( 1319 )  
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Two thousand and four hundred Cherry valley super-M3 parent stocks at the age of forty weeks were selected and randomly allocated to five treatment groups with three replicates,four diets containing four different compound additives (0.5%,0.2%,0.2% and 0.2%) and basic diet were given to feed these ducks for 42 days in order to study the effects of 4 kinds of compound additives on performance and serum biochemical index in Cherry-valley super-M3 parent stock. The results showed that laying rates were increased with diets of compound additives. When compared to control group,the laying rates of group 1 and group 2 were significantly increased by 1.04% (P<0.05) and 1.97% (P<0.05),respectively. The percentage of healthy chicks of four trail groups were significantly lower than control group (P<0.05). The egg-shape index and the percentage of yolk of group 2 was higher than control group and that of the group 2,3 and 4 were increased by 0.88%,1.10% and 0.92% than control group (P<0.05),respectively. There were no difference on serum biochemical index of the female between control group and the four trail groups,the serum biochemical index of the drake were improved and the concentrations of high-dense lipoprotein cholesterol and alkaline phosphatase were all increased than that of control group (P<0.05). The results from this study indicated that different kinds of compound additives in the duck feed could increase the laying rate and decrease egg weight and improve serum biochemical index of parent stock.
The Application of Zinc Methionine in Dairy Production
LIU Gang;SHAN An-shan
2011, 38(5):  27-30. 
Abstract ( 1068 )  
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Zinc methionine is a new type of organic minerals additives,known as the third generation of trace element additives.Because of its good stability,biological titer,easy to digest absorption,and strong anti-jamming features,quickly becoming a hot research animal nutrition,animal production in a variety of widely used.In this paper,zinc methionine in the actual production of dairy cows were reviewed,and its applications are discussed.
Effects of Fermented Radix Astragalus extraction on Growth, Serum Parameters of Broiler Chicken
ZHANG Kai;LI Jian-xi;YANG Zhi-qiang;WANG Xue-zhi;MENG Jia-ren;ZHANG Jing-yan;QIN Jun-jie;WANG Long
2011, 38(5):  31-34. 
Abstract ( 1179 )  
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A 28-day feeding trial was employed to evaluate whether the used in broiler’s diet had any deleterious effects on growth,serum parameters of broiler chicken. 192 21-day old broilers were divided into four groups. Fed diet containing nothing,radix astragalus(RA),fermented radix astragalus extraction(FRAE) and astragalus polysaccharide(AP) separately. Feed efficiency and daily gain in the whole experiment were determined,some serum parameters were measured,the post-mortem organ coefficients were calculated and organ analysis were performed at the end of experiment.The results showed that:①Supplementation with RA significantly decreases average daily gain and average daily feed index(P<0.05),supplementation with FRAE significantly decreases feed/weight gain(P<0.05);②Supplementation with FRAE significantly decreases the activities of serum LDH(P<0.05)compared with the RA group. Supplementation with RA significantly decreases the activities of serum r-GT(P<0.05)compared with the control group;③No histopathological damages were detected. From the research,it was concluded that there were obvious promotional effects of the FRAE on the broiler chicken’s growth and health.
Studies on the Effect of Different Clean Feeds on the Excretion of N and P in Large Scale Pig Farm
YAN Jun-shu;ZHOU Wei-ren;HUAN Hai-lin;XU Xiao-ming;ZHANG Hui
2011, 38(5):  38-41. 
Abstract ( 1376 )  
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An experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of phytase,compound enzyme and probiotics supplemented in pig diets on the excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus in large scale pig farm. Fifteen Suzhong pig (60 kg) were randomly allocated to five treatments,control group (normal P level),negative control group (no CaHPO4),negative control and phytase group,control and compound and phytase group,control and probiotics. The results showed that three diets decreased the excretion of nitrogen in manure and urine,the nitrogen excretion in phytase group decreased 0.55%(P>0.05),compound and phytase group decreased 10%(P<0.05),probiotics group decreased 6.11%(P>0.05),and the reduction consequence of compound and phytase group was better than the others,the nitrogen excretion in urine was no significant differences(P>0.05). Compared to the control group,the phosphorus excretion in manure of phytase group decreased 19.19%(P>0.05),compound and phytase group decreased 36.63%(P<0.05),probiotics group decreased 16.28%(P>0.05),and the reduction consequence of compound and phytase group was better than the others,the phosphorus excretion in Urine of phytase group decreased 12%(P>0.05),compound and phytase group decreased 16% (P<0.05),probiotics group decreased 12%(P>0.05),and the reduction consequence of compound and phytase group was better than the others. In conclusion,in the finishing pig diets supplemented with clean feeds decreased the environmental pollution caused by nitrogen and phosphorus excretion,and the reduction consequence of compound and phytase group was better.
Effect of Chronic Cold Stress on Biochemical Indicators and Enzyme in Whey in Holstein Lactating Cows
LIANG Hong-yan;JIA Yong-quan;MIAO Shu-jun;HUANG Da-peng;HAN Hua
2011, 38(5):  45-47. 
Abstract ( 1180 )  
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In order to observe the effect of chronic cold stress on biochemical indicators and enzyme in whey in Holstein lactating cows. The results showed that following the decreased of environmental temperature, the concentration of ALB,BUN,P in whey tended to rise, and TP,Ca tended to decreased,but there was no difference in Glu,CHO in groups(P>0.05).The activity of ALT,AST ALP and LDH in serum tended to decrease.It is suggested that some biochemical indicators and enzyme in whey in cows are changed with the chronic cold stress.
Purification of Myeloperoxidase from White Blood Cells of Dairy Cow
SHI Jing;LV Ying;YANG Yu;LI Qing-zhang
2011, 38(5):  54-57. 
Abstract ( 1249 )  
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The protein myeloperoxidase(MPO) was isolated and purified from bovine whole blood by Sephadex G-200 chromatography and ConA-Sephrose 4B affinity chromatography. The activity,molecular weight,rate of purity and protein concentration of MPO were 0.068 U/mL,64.7,47.9,13.4 ku,94.2% and 147.3 μg/mL,respectively. The method developed for the isolation and purification of MPO was important for the following research.
Physiological Response of Behavior and Stress in Breeding Group of Przewalskii Horse during Releasing Process
YU Xiao-jie;HU De-fu;TANG Yong-qing;JI Sheng-nan;ZHANG Yong-jun;LIU Gang
2011, 38(5):  58-61. 
Abstract ( 1200 )  
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The day time budget and fecal cortisol concentration of a breeding group of Przewalskii horse (1♂,5♀) were studied which was released in Xinjing Kalamaili ungulate nature reserve in May 20,2010. The results showed that:① Compare to pre-release,the stallion and harem moving time budget increased significantly (P<0.05), and the grazing and recumbent rest time increased a little (P>0.05); the time of standing,standing resting behavior and drinking spent decreased obviously
Physiological and Molecular Mechanism of Nitric Oxide in Animal Hypoxia Adaptation
WANG Xiu-juan;YANG Shu-li;LI Shuai;LIU Qing;GOU Xiao
2011, 38(5):  62-65. 
Abstract ( 1172 )  
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In recent years, hypoxia adaptation-related genetic study of plateau residents and animals has been researched by experts domestic and overseas, and they have revealed its physiological mechanism of Tibetans, which is, a high-flux Nitric oxide (NO) will relax blood vessel and then increase blood flow velocity which offsets the high altitude hypoxia. Obviously, nitric oxide has played an important role in hypoxia adaptation. The authors reviewed its synthesis, transmission, biological effect and its regulation and expression mechanism under the circumstance of hypoxia.
Research Advances on Molecular Evolution and Signal Transduction of Odorant Receptor of Insects
ZHANG Chun-xiang;JIANG Yu-suo
2011, 38(5):  66-69. 
Abstract ( 1205 )  
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Odorant receptors (Or) is of vital importance for insects to find food,identity mates,and avoid dangers. The evolution of odorant receptor family genes is closely related with the adaption to the different environment. Or gene shows multimodal molecular evolution patterns with changes in their genic structure,chromosomal position and duplication. By these evolutions insect can gain new functions or loss some functions. Membrane topology of Or83 shows an inverted orientation with the G-protein-coupled receptor. Or transduce odorant signal by both heteromeric ligand-gated ion channels and cyclic-nucleotide-activated cation channels,therefore,they can response rapidly,transiently,sensitively and efficiently to odorant.
Detection and Sequence Analysis of Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate Dehydrogenase Gene of Streptococcus
DU Hai-yan;LI Xia-yun;CHENG Zhen-tao;WEN Ming;ZHOU Bi-jun;WANG Kai-gong
2011, 38(5):  70-73. 
Abstract ( 1088 )  
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A pair of primer was synthesized based on the published Streptococcus suis type 2 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gene (Gapc) and PCR was applied to detect 10 Streptococcus strains. The amplified products were cloned and sequenced. The results showed that the Gapc gene of 8 Streptococcus strains was detected in all tested strains.The Gapc gene of the above 4 strains were sequenced and analysised by BLAST and DNAStar with pubished Streptococcus Gapc in GenBank. The nucleotide homology of them was 85.3% to 98.3% and the amino acid homology was 87.2% to 99.4%. It had many domains of high antigen index and hydrophilicity and surface probability plot and Gapc gene in Streptococcus was conservative.The results indicated that the Gapc may be applied into clinical prevention for Streptococci infections.
Application of RNAi in Trangenic Mice
CHEN Zhi-bao;WANG Dong-xu;WAN Jia-yu;PAN Peng-peng;LI Sha;GAO Hong-wei
2011, 38(5):  74-77. 
Abstract ( 1476 )  
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RNA interference degrades mRNA specifically and potently though the mediation of corresponding double-stranded RNA and leads to post-transcriptional gene silencing. Recently,small interfering RNA duplexes(siRNA) is used in mammalian cells to silence gene expression. At the same time,RNAi is a powerful tool for studying gene function in vivo. This review provides an overview of transgenic RNA interference in mice.
Cloning and Sequencing Analysis of FSHβ and FSHR Gene between Wild and Domestic Wusuli Raccoon Dog
YANG Jian;BAI Xiu-juan;
2011, 38(5):  78-81. 
Abstract ( 1147 )  
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In wild and domestic Wusuli raccoon dog, the FSHβ gene partial sequence, FSHR gene 5' upstream regulatory region and exon 10 were amplified and sequenced. The length of these sequences were 1257, 757 and 1398 bp, respectively, the GenBank accession numbers were HQ385977, HQ385978 and HQ385979. The homology were 99%, 98% and 98% for the exon sequences of these three genes with dog by BLAST. By multiple alignment analysis of these three genes with DNAMAN software, 12, 10 and 3 variable sites were detected, there were 2, 1 and 0 mutation sites occurred in the coding region. 6, 9 and 2 polymorphic sites of these three genes were detected comparing two wild raccoon dogs, respectively. While only 2, 1 and 0 polymorphic sites occurred for two domestic raccoon dogs. The results demonstrated that wild raccoon showed more genetic diversity.
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Exon1 MTNR1a Gene of Inner Mongolian Cashmere Goat
SUN Yong-ming;ZHANG Yan-jun;LI Guo-hua;LIU Zhi-hong;WANG Zhi-ying;YU Xin-lei;ZHAO Yan-hong
2011, 38(5):  82-84. 
Abstract ( 1312 )  
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According to MTNR1a cDNA sequence of sheep(gi:15U14109), human(gi:U14108), cattle(gi:U73327), mice(gi:U52222) and other species announced in GenBank,primers were designed. The 275 bp fragment of exon 1 of MTNR1a gene was amplified by PCR in Inner Mongolian Cashmere goat. The PCR products were cloned and sequenced. By compared with database of GenBank, it turned out that homology of nucleotide sequence of exon 1 MTNR1a gene in Cashmere goat with sheep, cow were 99% and 96%, respectively. It showed that the sequence was MTNR1a gene exon 1 sequence in Cashmere goat. Using DNAStar software to analysis, 257 nucleotides of the gene sequence was gotten.The sequence contained 5'UTR 23 nucleotides, translation initiation codon ATG and the N terminal 78 amino acid coding sequences.
Cloning and Sequence of MC1R Gene 5'-Flanking Sequence in Rabbit
LUO Hao;HOU Jia-ni;LI Yu-mei;YAN Shou-qing
2011, 38(5):  89-92. 
Abstract ( 1251 )  
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The rabbit coat color as one of available genetic markers plays an important role in determining breed characteristics, purity, and crossing combination. The melanocortin-1 receptor gene (MC1R) is an important candidate gene for coat color heredity because some coat color changes in many species resulted from the nucletide sequence variants of MC1R gene. In this study,two primers (RMCR1 and RMCR2) were designed to amplify the 5'-flanking region sequences of MC1R from rabbit genome according to the known rabbit MC1R sequence(AM180881). A DNA fragment of 930 bp in length was cloned from 5'-flanking sequence of MC1R gene by an end tailed-PCR strategy, the homology of nucleotide was 99% with the known rabbit MC1R sequence(AM180881).
Development PCR Assay for Detecting Salmonella pullorum Based on Allele-specific PCR
TU Yu-rong;CHEN Jian-hong;REN Tao;ZHANG Ji-pei;SI Xing-kui;NIU Sen;
2011, 38(5):  93-96. 
Abstract ( 1524 )  
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Based on the nuclei polymorphism of rfbS gene sequence of Salmonella pullorum at site 237 and 598 compared with S.gallinarum,a pair of allele-specific primers were designed and synthesized,and an allele-specific PCR method for detecting S.pullorum was developed consistent with result of the serological and biochemical method and the sensitivity of the PCR assay was 18 pg DNA and 4.7×104 CFU/mL cultural liquid.The results showed that the developed allele-specific PCR was a very rapid,sensitive and specific molecular tool for the detection and identification of S.pullorum isolates.
Tandem Expression of FnbpA,ClfA,Ebps Antigen Epitopes of Staphylococcus aureus and the Preparation of the Polyclonal Antibody
GAO Xiang;XU Hui-hui;LEI Lian-cheng
2011, 38(5):  97-100. 
Abstract ( 2857 )  
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In order to achieve the special antigen protein and prepare polyclonal antibody,so as to lay the foundation of the rapid detection of Staphylococcus aureus,this experiment screened the antigen epitopes of FnbpA,ClfA,Ebps of Staphylococcus aureus using the DNAStar software,then connected the epitopes with a linker and synthesized the whole genes. The objective gene was cloned into expression vector pGEX-4T-1,followed by transformation into E.coli BL21. The expression production was purified through Sepharose 4B affinity chromatography method,and the purified protein was injected into rabbits to prepare polyclonal antibody,at the 42 days peripheral blood was collected and the serum was obtained. The results revealed that this experiment has successfully established the expression vector,and the antibody titer was more than 1∶10000 analysised by ELISA. These results were benefit to develop the rapid detection of Staphylococcus aureus using immunological methods.
Recombination and Fusion Expression of Porcine Defensin Gene pBD-2 in E.coli
XU Hai-tao;MA Li-bao;HE Qi-gai;LIAO Bing-lin;REN Fen-fen
2011, 38(5):  101-104. 
Abstract ( 1647 )  
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Defensin is an important antimicrobial peptide produced in the course of animals’ defense against pathogens,which has a broad antibacterial spectrum and plays an important role in innate immunity. Based on cDNA sequence of porcine defensin β-defensin-2 gene reported in this study,three gene fragment (1,2,3) were synthesized in this experiment. Fragment 1,2 and fragment 2,3 had respectively 15 bases for complementary pair. pBD-2 gene was produced by PCR amplifing,and pBD-2 was inserted into expression vector (pGEX-KG) and recombinant vector transformed into E.coli,where recombinant vector produced fusion protein successfully.The expression of pBD-2 gene lays a foundation in research on antimicrobial activities of defensin.
Study of Herb Residues on Growth Performance,Biochemical Marker of Serum and Immune Action in Heat Stress Rabbit
LI Yan-jun;GU Zi-lin;LIU Ya-juan
2011, 38(5):  105-108. 
Abstract ( 1217 )  
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This experiment was conducted to study the effect of Huoxiang Zhengqi herb residues on growth performance,biochemical marker of serum and immune action in heat stress rabbit.60 days old rabbits were randomly divided into 4 groups. Rabbits in trial groups were fed basic diet supplemented with Huoxiang Zhengqi herb residues,and the control group was fed basic diet supplemented without Huoxiang Zhengqi herb residues. The results showed that the diet added with herb residues increased the rabbits ADG,decreased the F/G. The diet added with herb residues increased the content of TP,ALB,CK,IgA,IgM,IgG,T3 and T4 ,but decreased the content of TG and BUN,AST and ALT and in the serum. The results indicated that Huoxiang Zhengqi herb residues could improve the immunity and the production performance,raise the feed efficiency,decrease heat stress.
Overall Strategy for the Study of New Gene Function
ZHANG Lan;LI Qing-zhang
2011, 38(5):  109-113. 
Abstract ( 1250 )  
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With the development of the life science and the expansion of the research fields, scientists have found more and more new unknown genes and new function of some genes. Researching the new genes has become the principal task of the post-genomic. This paper shows a comprehensive and systematic review of the new genes.
Analysis in Heredity and Variation of the Arginine-deiminase Gene Sequence of Streptococcus suis Serotyp 2 Isolation Strains
YIN Guo-you;SUN Jie;CHEN Lan-ying;XIE Zhao-hui;WANG Fu-mei
2011, 38(5):  117-120. 
Abstract ( 1072 )  
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The aim was to analyze the reason and epidemic trend of Streptococcus suis serotype 2, and provide theoretical basis for preventing and controlling it.According to the sequence of arginine deiminase gene published by the Genbank,The primers was designed for RT-PCR amplification of ADS isolates from Henan obtaining its DNA fragments,which were cloned into pMD18-T vector respectively and sequenced. The sequences of ADS genes were analysed by DNAStar,analysed nucleotide sequence homology and drawed phylogenetic tree. The nuclear acid analysis indicated that the homology was 94.9% to 100% between the isolation strains,the homology was 100% between HN5 and HN6 from the same region,and the homology of nuclear acid sequence was 95.9% to 99.2% between Henan isolation strains and SX332 issued by the GenBank. The homology of ADS gene sequence was higher and genetic relationship was near during prevalence strains in the same region,and it was far in different regions.
Clone and Genetic Variation Analysis of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus of Variant Strain GD-ZQ
GAO Shi-min;WANG Min-gong;DENG Rui-lin;YAO Xiao-hui;WANG Lin-chuan;
2011, 38(5):  121-125. 
Abstract ( 1307 )  
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Using RT-PCR identification,we obtained a PRRSV variant strain GD-ZQ,which came from the suspected porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome areas. The variant strain could cause significant CPE in Marc-145 cell. Serial passage of GD-ZQ until it was stable,Nsp2,ORF3,ORF5 gene of the strain were amplified, the sequence determination,the comparative analysis and the cladogram was drawn up. The results indicated the amino acid sequence homology of the three GD-ZQ genes were 89.0% to 95.8% with the American VR-2332 and Ch-1a,and 48.2% to 49.3% with European LV. Further comparative analysis showed GD-ZQ was in the same branch with Ch-1a,amino acid sequence homology of GD-ZQ isolates Nsp2 was 98.3% to 99.4% with other variant strains as HEB1. The 5th generation was could cause regular CPE,with TCID50 of 10-5.6/0.1 mL. The analysis explained that GD-ZQ was a variant strain,with the characteristic of "high fever" disease mutation of PRRSV strain. The results layed a foundation for the further research on PRRSV in time and molecular level to understand genetic variation and the range of variation.
Relationship between MC4R Gene Polymorphyism and Body Weight and Size Trait in Rottweiler Crossbred Dogs
ZHANG Jun;CAO Shao-xian;FENG Xiu-jing;MENG Chun-hua;LIU Tie-zheng;ZHAO Yao-xi
2011, 38(5):  126-129. 
Abstract ( 1318 )  
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AFLP Analysis of the Genetic Specificity of Huainan Pig
ZHANG Jing;CHEN Xiu-dong;WANG Shan-qiang;ZHOU Xin;ZHENG Zhen-yu;
2011, 38(5):  130-133. 
Abstract ( 1115 )  
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25 pairs of primers were used to analyse the Huainan pig which was the local variety in Henan province and the three foreign pigs of Duroc,Landrace,Yorkshire pigs with the AFLP method. With 25 pairs of primers,we detected 317 fragments in all,79 fragments were polymorphic,accounting for 24.92%. Statistical analysis showed that the genetic index between Landrace and Yorkshire pigs was 0.0070,which indicated that these two pigs had the closest genetic relationship, Huainan pig and Duroc,Yorkshire pig had the similar genetic distance index,which were 0.0073,0.0075,respectively. With the choser genetic relationship,the genetic distance index between Huainan pig and Landrace was 0.0078,genetic relationship between them was the farthest. The results showed that the Huainan pig had strong specificity,comparing with other introduced species,and with high breeding value,but also proved that AFLP technique could detect genetic variation and pig identification within the populations of pigs.
Analyze on Growth Curve Fitting of Zhejiang White Goose
WU Hua-li;ZHOU Bing;WANG Hui-ying;LIU Yi;HU Yao-dong;ZHU Qing;HE Da-qian
2011, 38(5):  134-137. 
Abstract ( 1143 )  
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The growth curves of Zhejiang White goose from 0 to 8 weeks old were analyzed and fitted with three kinds nonlinear model(Logistic, Gompertz, Von Bertalanffy). The results showed that the males and females had the same growth state before 3 weeks old, and then the males got a higher growth rate than females until the end of the observation. The growth curves were appropriately fitted with three models (R2>0.99), but the best model fitted the growth curve of different goose population was different, in general, the Gompertz model had the best effect on fitting with the growth curves of goose, the forecasting results Gompertz model of the final weight, the inflection point week old, and maximal growth per week all were better than that of the other two models. Further analysis indicated that the parameters of fitting curves represent inflection point weight in males both were higher than those in females, there was no significant difference found in inflection point week old between males and females. This paper would provide the message for growth rules in different sexual of Zhejiang White goose, and their nutrient and environmental needs, and also provide guide for extensive raising Zhejiang White goose.
Research Progress of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of Bovine POU1F1 Gene and the Relationship with Milk Production Traits
JIA Xiang-jie;QIN Jun;LI Qiu-ling;WANG Chang-fa;YANG Gui-wen
2011, 38(5):  138-142. 
Abstract ( 1205 )  
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Pituitary-specific transcription factor (POU1F1) is one of the important candidate genes that associated with milk production traits. The single nucleotide polymorphim are related with milk production traits. The article reviewed the structure and function of POU1F1 and its protein and relationship of single nucleotide polymorphim on POU1F1 and milk production traits.
Identificationand Biological Characterization of a Newcastle Disease Virus from Duck
LIU Da-wei;JIAO Pei-rong;LI Xian-wei;HE Qin;GAO Shi-min;QI Dan-dan;CHEN De-cheng;REN Tao
2011, 38(5):  143-145. 
Abstract ( 1292 )  
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A Newcastle disease virus(NDV) was isolated from duck in Guangdong. It was identified with hemagglutination,hemagglutination inhibition. These results showed the isolate had hemagglutination and was inhibited by the standard antibody of AIV-H5,AIV-H7,AIV-H9 and EDSV. It was amplified by RT-PCR and sequenced,which was used by the specific identification primers of NDV F gene. Thus,the isolate was identified as a duck NDV,named NDV/DUCK/SD/2006. In this research,the isolate were conducted virulence determination. Results showed that,the MDT,and IVPI of the isolate were 51.75 h,2.44 respectively,suggesting it was a velogenic strain.
Development of the Research for Diagnosis of Bovine Tuberculosis Quarantine Basis
LIU Jin-ye;HAO Yong-qing
2011, 38(5):  146-151. 
Abstract ( 1166 )  
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Bovine tuberculosis (BT) is a chronic wasting disease primary caused by Mycobacterium bovis that is prevalent throughout the world,particularly in developing countries. This disease not only causes tremendous economic hardship to the livestock industry,but it is also a serious human health threat. Therefore,quarantine the bovine tuberculosis is significance. Bacteriological testing,immunology testing and molecular biology diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis quarantine basis. However,there is an urgent need to study the rapid,sensitive and specific diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis. Serological diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis has been one of the research focus,but many problems still exist. In this paper,the progress of these diagnostic and quarantine methods give a brief introduction.
Epidemic and Preventive Measures of Goat Pox
HAO Bao-cheng;LIANG Jian-ping;WANG Xue-hong;GUO Zhi-ting;GUO Wen-zhu;HU Yong-hao
2011, 38(5):  152-154. 
Abstract ( 1194 )  
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Goat pox is an acute,febrile,contagious disease,which cause by pox virus who belongs to goat pox virus. In this article,epidemiology,symptoms,diagnosis and preventive measures were reviewed in terms of goat pox.
Investigation of Haplosporidium nelsoni Infection in Breeding Oyster of China Bays
WANG Zong-xiang;WU Shao-qiang;YANG Xiao-ye
2011, 38(5):  158-160. 
Abstract ( 1076 )  
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Haplosporidiosis is a serious mollusc disease caused by parasitic Haplosporidium. The Haplosporidium-specific PCR detecting method, recommanded by World Animal Health Organization (OIE), was adopted to investigate Haplosporidiosis prevalence of oyster in three sampling sites of China east bays. Results showed that there was Haplosporidium prevalence in all the four sites in different degree. Through combining with DNA sequencing and sequence analysis, the infection species was identified to be Haplosporidium nelsoni.
Research Progress of Interleukin-16
WU Song-ming;ZHU Xing-quan;YUAN Zi-guo
2011, 38(5):  163-166. 
Abstract ( 1143 )  
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Interleukin-16 is a kind of pro-inflammatory cytokines and secretory proteins,secreted by CD8T cell. Initially,it was described as lymphocyte chemoattractant factor,officially named as interleukin-16 in 1995. Since it’s cloned,its structure and function have been researched extensively, besides, there’s a certain study about its bioactivity. IL-16 is characterized as a chemoattractant for various immune cells,which plays a part in inflammation,allergy,autoimmune and other diseases. Recently,there is much research about the relationship between bioactivity and diseases. So according to current data,this review summarized IL-16 structure,biology function,the relationship between diseases and practical application.
Diagnosis and Treatment on Mixed Infection of Infectious Serositis and Colibacillosis
WANG Yong-li;FAN Shu-hua;GAO Geng-qu
2011, 38(5):  167-169. 
Abstract ( 1450 )  
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Isolation and Identification of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus
SUI Hui;YANG Jin-sheng
2011, 38(5):  173-176. 
Abstract ( 1182 )  
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To isolate porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV), the morbid materials were collected from some swine farm of Liaoning province and inoculated on Marc-145 cell after disposal. After blind transfer of culture, two portions showed typical cytopathic effect (CPE). TCID50 of virus was 10-6.5/mL. By the indirect immunofluorescence experiment,the yellow green fluorescence occurred in the cell cytoblastema. The virus appeared typical porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus form: diameter was about 50-70 nm,circle with peplos and peplomer. It was inactivated by chloroform, ultra-violet,pH variation, and heat. The cell cytoblastema which showed CPE were tested by RT-PCR showed positive. The laboratory animals appeared obvious clinical symptom and death after inoculation. The result showed that PRRSV was identified from Liaoning province.
The Causes, Mechanism and Preventive Measures of Bacterial Resistance
ZHAO Ming-qiu;SHEN Hai-yan;PAN Wen;WANG Jia-ying;LI Yin-guang;CHANG Yan
2011, 38(5):  177-181. 
Abstract ( 1396 )  
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With the advent of penicillin in the 1940s an era of antibiotics was started, anti-infection treatment thus entered a new era, the mortality rate of infectious diseases decreased dramatically. For a half century, humans have always considered antibacterial drugs as the most powerful weapon of anti-infection treatment. However, with the wide application of antimicrobial agents, the treatment of infectious diseases also meet the new challenges-bacterial resistance to antibiotics, which become more serious as the usage of antimicrobial is increased. Currently some bacteria have been found susceptible to almost all the antimicrobial agents, the appearance of super bacteria may bring humans back to the dilemma of no medicine for infectious diseases, so the control of the increase of bacterial resistance has become urgent for medicine and humankind. Our country is gradually building our own monitoring network of bacterial resistance, monitoring of the current epidemic status and trends of bacteria resistant, studying on the mechanism of bacteria resistant.
Roles of Avian Influenza Virus Non-structural 1 Protein in Infection and Immunity
LU Bing;CHEN Hua-lan;BAO Hong-mei;WANG Xiu-rong;ZHANG Xiu-ying
2011, 38(5):  182-185. 
Abstract ( 1348 )  
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NS1 (non-structural 1) protein is the unique non-structural protein found in avian influenza virus. It is a kind of multifunctional regulatory protein which plays a vital role in virus infection,replication and virulence. Its main function is antagonizing the host interferon and tumor necrosis factor,production inhibiting host protein synthesis as well as regulating apoptosis of infected cells. This paper reviews the latest research on the biological characteristics of NS1 protein and its role in infection and immunity which provide a reference for further research on NS1 protein’s characteristics and clinical application.
New Progress on Cow Mastitis Prevention and Treatment
LI Guo-hua;LI Zhen;QIAO Jun;CHEN Chuang-fu
2011, 38(5):  186-189. 
Abstract ( 1264 )  
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The Prevention and Treatment of Common Types Rabbit Parasitic Disease
YU Miao;YIN Yong-zhi;GUO Chun-hua
2011, 38(5):  190-192. 
Abstract ( 1237 )  
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Parasites have complex life cycles, especially the corresponding rabbit parasitic disease is more diverse. If such diseases are not handled properly that may cause serious damage. This paper provides an overview of most common types rabbit parasitic disease and the prevalence of various diseases, and comes up the measures of prevention and treatment combined with practical experience.
Study on Controlling Epidemic in Cushions of Fermentation Bed about Raising Pigs
2011, 38(5):  196-199. 
Abstract ( 1338 )  
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The aim of the study was to control the growth of mucor, parasites, Escherichia coli and S.aureus in cusions of fermentation bed,so selecting dozens of Chinese herbal medicines and chemical pharmaceuticals to start bacteriostasis experiment in vitro. The results showed that all hemical pharmaceuticals have different level controlling effects on one or severals of beneficial bacterials in cusions; Dandelion, Herbahouttuyniae, Herba Artemisiae Scopariae, Cortex Fraxini, Folium Isatidis, Herba Epimedii, Artemisia Annua, Andrographitis Paniculata, Solanum Nigrum, Macleaya Cordata, Euphorbia Humifusa have no controlling effects on beneficial bacterials in cusions,and but have certain controlling effects on Escherichia coli and S.aureus. Calcium propionate has no controlling effects on beneficial bacterials,but has significant controlling effects on mucor. Calcium Propionate and Cortex Pseudolaricis has no controlling effects on beneficial bacterials,so they will be anthelminthic drugs in cusons.
Watercress Formula for Chicken Kidney Type Infectious Bronchitis
FENG Shan-xiang 
2011, 38(5):  200-202. 
Abstract ( 960 )  
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Studies on the Meat Productive Performance of the First Generation Hybrid of Mixed Texel Sheep and Meng-ha Sheep
SUN Jun-feng;XUE Yang-quan
2011, 38(5):  203-205. 
Abstract ( 1206 )  
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Texel rams had been used to improve the mixed Meng-ha sheep. For both hybrid sheep and local sheep, with the same conditions of breeding and management, the average body weight at slaughter of the six-month-aged lamb of Texel×Meng-ha F1 was 12.24 kg higher than those of contemporary mixed Meng-ha sheep, 6.66 kg higher in body weight and 5.87 kg higher in net meat weight, the differences of which were all obviously significant (P<0.01); its hind leg weight was increased by 1.67 kg, the eye muscle area was 8.13 cm2, 1.8 times than that of the mixed Meng-ha sheep, and the difference was significant (P<0.05).The body weight of Texel×Meng-ha F1 made the grade as those of the overseas prime lamb, both the high-quality meat rate and flesh-bone ratio were higher than that of the mixed Meng-ha sheep, meat was delicate and soft, and the meat quality had been improved greatly. The meat production of each hybrid lamb had just got 168.60 yuan in excess of the mixed Meng-ha sheep and the economic benefits was obviously. The results showed that it had a favorable effect on the improvement of meat production performance and meat quality and the economic profits to keep sheep using Texel rams to improve the mixed Meng-ha sheep.
Research and Application of Bio-bed System in Pigs
WANG Yuan-xiao;QIAN Hui;WANG Tian
2011, 38(5):  206-209. 
Abstract ( 1190 )  
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Raising pigs on biology bed a new and environment friendly technology that based on natural agriculture and microbial fermentation. It can effectively dispose pig excrement, reduce the excretion of wastewater, feces, carbon and nitrogen, then avoid the environment pollution and reduce the energy loss. Compared with fed pigs on cement ground, fed pigs on biology bed can significantly improve the environment of house and the swine’s welfare, and it also shows good prospects in promoting the growth, pork quality and health of pigs. Pig-raising on biology bed have advantages of environment protection and economic benefit. Consequently, it has a wide prospect of application.
Study on the Physical Meat Indicators in Yunnan Guishan Red-boned and Normal Boned Goat
GU Da-hai;XU Zhi-qiang;CAO Zhen-hui;CHEN Yun-peng;LIN Qiu-ye;HUANG Qi-chao;JIA Jun-jing;GE Chang-rong
2011, 38(5):  210-213. 
Abstract ( 1130 )  
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Sixteen castrated male goats each of red-boned goats and normal boned goats were used to evaluate on the meat quality in the Yunnan Guishan of China. The meat from red-boned goats had significantly higher a* values of LD muscle at 45 min of post-mortem(P<0.05), while the normal boned goats had significantly higher CIE L* and b* value in rump muscle (B femoris, BF) at 24 h of post-mortem(P<0.05).The red-boned goats had significantly higher muscle shear force than that of the normal bone goats in both types of muscle (P<0.05). No significant differences between the two types of goats were measured for cooking rate, water holding capacity (WHC), muscle fibre diameter and density in both types muscle (P>0.05). The meat from red-boned goats had significantly lower (P<0.05) ordor and significantly higher overall flavour compared with the normal boned goats (P<0.05) and no significant difference was measured for juiciness, tenderness, oiliness and connective tissue score between the two types hybrid goats(P>0.05).
Isolation and Identification of 60 Pathogenic Escherichia coli Strains
HUANG Zong-mei;CHEN Hong-ying;CUI Pei;HAN Yu-lin;LI Xin-sheng
2011, 38(5):  217-219. 
Abstract ( 1086 )  
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Escherichia coli (E.coli) is often in chicken intestinal. Only some strains are pathogenic for chicken. Chicken Escherichia coli disease is caused by these pathogenic E.coli strains,and they have pathogenicity island genes ChuA. In order to identify 60 E.coli strains isolated from diseased chicken,ChuA gene was tested by PCR. 31 E.coli strains are pathogenic. The total positive rate is 51.67%.
Culture of Marc-145 Cells and Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus
LAN Hai-nan;ZHANG Hui;CUI Huan-zhong;DU Dong-ju;KONG Jin-chao;ZHAO Xiao-li;ZHENG Xin
2011, 38(5):  220-222. 
Abstract ( 1939 )  
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The Marc-145 cells,epithelioid cell,passage cell,originate from the monkey kidney cell,it is cloned from mother cell (Mar-104 cell). This cell is mainly used for virus’s culture,especially the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV),this thesis mainly summarize the cultural method of this cell,and analyze reasons about the condition of virus in cells.
Seasonal Changes of the Ultrastructure in Jining Gray Goat’s Pinealocyte
GE Shi-hao;WEN Hai-yan;HUANG Lei
2011, 38(5):  223-226. 
Abstract ( 1303 )  
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Investigated the relationships between the pinealocyte and the seasonal breeding, in order to provide reference for revealing the endocrine mechanism of goat’s seasonal breeding. Seasonal changes of Jining gray goat’s pinealocyte was observed by TEM. Results:①The pinealocyte can be classified into light cell and dark cell, and the smooth endoplasmic reticulum(SER) is more abundant than the rough endoplasmic reticulum(RER) in light cells,while the RER are abundant in dark cells. Another thing is that the Golgi complex and mitochondria are more complex in light cell than which in dark cell, but in dark cells there are more glycogen.②In summer pinealocyte there are mainly dark cells, and light cells is less, but in spring the light and dark cells are more. The seasonal changes of functional activity in Jining gray goat’s pinealocyte was showed.
Observation of Anesthetic Effects of Ketamine Combined with Thiopentalum Natricum on Wuzhishan Minipigs
WANG Zhe;LU Cheng-rong;LUO Yuan;DUAN Lian-ning;YAN Ke-song;ZHAN Da-wei
2011, 38(5):  229-231. 
Abstract ( 1027 )  
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To compared anesthetic effects of ketamine combined with thiopentalum natricum on Wuzhishan minipigs. 40 healthy minipigs were divided into two groups: anesthesia by ketamine (n=20,group 1) or ketamine combined with thiopentalum natricum (n=20,group 2). All minipigs underwent muscular or venous injection with these chemicals. It was found that anesthesia of group 2 maintained (198.0±32.7) min,anesthesia of group1 maintained (104.0±17.3) min,and group 2 showed better anaesthesia effect. Furthermore,the combined anesthetization could improve the anesthetic effect: increase muscular relaxation,do not interfere with respiration and cycle system,and show prolonged and more stable anesthesia with quick resuscitation. Thus,ketamine combined with thiopentalum natricum appears to be a perfect method for the prolonged surgery of experimental minipigs.
The Analysis of Microelement and Ion from Alcohol-positive Milk Blood Serum and Milk Serum
GUAN Hong-yu;GONG Mei-guang;LING Hong-jin
2011, 38(5):  232-236. 
Abstract ( 985 )  
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To approach its influence to alcohol-positive milk,detecting the level of Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+ and the content of Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn in blood serum and milk serum.The results indicated that Zn,Cu and Fe metabolic disorder,antioxidase active to cut down; redundant Ca2+and Mg2+neutralize the electric charge of casein to stability low down of casein,this made aggregation reinforce of reinforce, all of these can induce alcohol-positive milk.
Production and Improvement of Handmade Somatic Cell Cloning Tools
HUANG Zhang-hu;REN Yan-ping;TAN Shi-jian
2011, 38(5):  237-240. 
Abstract ( 950 )  
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Handmade somatic cell cloning(HMC) technology resolves the huge difficulty for the application of somatic cell nuclear transfer technology in the actual production which is the high equipment costs. It is not only save more costs by using self-made micro-knife,but also could fit user’s customary well,so it improves cutting efficiency. The results showed that the speed of enucleation was 496 oocytes per hour by cutting oocytes used self-made micro-knife and the recovered rate was 88.14%. Moreover,the feature of Well of Well needle which was easy to produce and could be polished.It was play a important role in cost saving and improving efficiency of HMC technology.
Establishment of Double-antibody Sandwich ELISA for Eperythrozoon ovis
ZHANG Fu-mei;HAN Fu-sheng;LI Ji-lian;LI Zi-ping
2011, 38(5):  241-243. 
Abstract ( 1055 )  
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To diagnose and detect Eperythrozoonosis on sheep quickly and take preventive measures in time, the double-antibody sandwich ELISA was established. The blood samples of sheep from large-scale farms whose red cell infective rate was over 90% were selected. Eperythrozoon ovis antigen was isolated, rabbit anti-sheep antibody was purified, antibody was labeled with HRP, then double-antibody sandwich ELISA was established. The results showed that the optimal working concentration of IgG was 82.91 μg/mL, while the best enzyme-conjugated antibody concentration was 1∶400, and the detective minimum of antigen was 7.81 μg/mL. The specific test and crossing reaction indicated that the double-antibody sandwich ELISA was a quick, sensitive way adapted to diagnosis and colony check.
Research for Echinococcosis Immunology
DUO Hong
2011, 38(5):  244-246. 
Abstract ( 884 )  
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Study on Growth Performance and Carcass Traits of Different Genotype Finishing Pigs
YANG Ye;CHEN Gang-yao;CHENG Ze-xin;YANG Xiao-lin;LI Wei-guo
2011, 38(5):  247-249. 
Abstract ( 951 )  
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The objective of the experiment was to study the growth performance and meat quality of difference type pigs. 24 pigs of E-Xi (EX)black boars(Lard type), Landrace-York(LY) hybridized pigs(Bacon type) and Chang-Ye-E(CYE) boars(Meat type) respectively about 50 kg were raised to 100 kg and then 6 pigs each species were slaughtered to analyze the growth performance, carcass traits and meat quality. The results showed that the growth performance of LY pigs was higher than that of EX boars(P<0.05), and had a insignificant difference with CYE boars. The undressing percentage, lean percentage and eye lean area of LY pigs were higher significantly than those of EX boars and CYE boars and feed/gain ratio and backfat thickness were lower that EX boars(P<0.05).The meat pH2, drop loss and shear force of LY pigs were higher significantly than those of EX boars and meat color was lower than EX boars. The meat quality of CYE boars had an insignificant difference with LY pigs and EX boars.