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Research Progress on Genomic Information for Livestock Improvement

ZHOU Xirong2, YU Lijuan1, ZHANG Yuhua3, MAERZIYA·Yasen1, JIANG Xiaomei3, LAZHATI·Ainiwaer1, ZHANG Yanhua1   

  1. 1. Animal Institute, Xinjiang Academy of Animal Sciences, Urumqi 830026, China;
    2. Economic Information Institute, Xinjiang Academy of Animal Sciences, Urumqi 830026, China;
    3. Xinjiang Academy of Animal Sciences, Urumqi 830026, China
  • Received:2019-08-16 Online:2020-01-20 Published:2020-01-17

Abstract: In order to meet the rapid growth of demand,we must speed up the development of livestock and poultry industry and minimize the impact on the environment.Improving the genetic characteristics of livestock and poultry is expected to promote the solution of this problem.Since the 21st century,the molecular breeding technology with genome selection as the core has provided opportunities.Early and accurate selection can be realized using this technology,which can greatly shorten the generation interval,accelerate the progress of population genetics,and significantly reduce the breeding cost.Although in some breeds,such as dairy cows,genome selection has been successful,and the population has also made great genetic progress,but still can not meet the rapid growth needs.Therefore,it is necessary to find ways to further accelerate genetic progress.The results showed that adding the known functional gene information of target traits to SNP marker data could improve the accuracy of gene breeding value prediction and accelerate the genetic progress.While mining more genomic information,developing more optimized analysis methods can be more conducive to the realization of the goal.This paper summarizes the available genomic data of major livestock and poultry species,including cattle,sheep,goats,pigs and chickens,and how these data can help identify genetic markers and genes that affect important traits,so as to further improve the accuracy of genomic selection.

Key words: genomic information; genomic selection; livestock improvement

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